*Harry's POV*

"Harry do you know what you're trying to do here? Now I know why you and Louis have been hanging out. You can't do this Harry, not with Louis. Sam is gone and Louis won't be his replacement. I won't let it happen."

"He's not like Sam!"

My voice comes out much louder than expected. I'm not trying to replace Sam with Louis... at least I think I'm not? Am I?

Of course not. I can see Louis' next door neighbors turn their room light on from the window. My argument with my mum is just making a commotion and I won't let it go any further, at least not here in Louis' driveway where he can hear it. I look at my mum and look away turning to my car and walking to it.

"Can we talk about this at home mum?"

I try my best to keep my voice lowered. She takes a deep sigh.

"Yes, I'll meet you at home."

My mum turns to her heels and walks over to the other car that is along side mine on the driveway. I get inside my car before she gets into hers. What's her problem? Can't she just let me have friends for once without becoming paranoid that i'll compare them to Sam. Besides Sam and I never became more than friends.

I finally get to my house and my mum follows right after. I step out of my car and take in some deep breaths for what's about to come. My mum is already at the door way of the house by the time I get to the pathway of the house. She takes the house keys out from her purse and walks in, I follow. She sets her purse on the coffee table in front of the sofa. She then sits down and pats the the empty side of the sofa with her hand signaling me to sit down next to her. I sigh and sit down.

"Go on, tell me how it's fucked up to be friends with someone like Louis just because you think I'm using him. Go on. You don't even know him."

"But I do Harry."

"His mum telling you about him doesn't count."

"You know him too."

"I know I do, I met him the first day of school when he was about to get his ass beat and I saved him."

"You don't remember do you?"

"After the fucking surgery I'm lucky enough to even remember what I learned in school."

"Right. I'm sorry Harry I didn't mean to."

"It's ok, just go on with whatever you were going to say."

Her chest rises high and let's out a deep breath.

"Remember that year you were babysat by the lady with the kid you liked?"

It takes me a minute to remember but thankfully I do.

"Yeah what about it."

"The lady that babysat you was Louis' mum, and the kid was Louis."

I can feel all the color in my skin pale. My blood seems to have dropped to my feet. I remember everything. Before she can go on any further I stand up as fast as I can and rush up the stair case to my room. I lock the door and walk to my dresser and scramble through some papers until I find what I'm looking for.

I remember the last day that I saw him, I was 7 seven. That's the day my mum and dad where done for good and my mum had decided to move away. That day Louis' mum babysat me for the last time and that's the day Louis and I saw each other for the last time, at least we thought it was the last. I remember sitting in his back yard and he came up to me and gave me a note. That note said somethings that no seven year old would. At that age we were both more mature than the rest due to our parents horrible relationships. I guess that made us grow up and mature faster. To this day I still have the note.

"I heard you are moving today and I am going to miss you. You were the only friend I had and the only person I have to play with at home. But let's promise to always be friends no matter what and when we are bigger we will go find each other and be better friends than right now. I will miss you Harry but you will always be my best friend. "

The note is a bit torn up and a bit smudged but it's still in good conditions. When he gave me the note, I felt so loved. The kind of love my father never gave me or the kind no other friend would offer. We said our goodbyes and gave each other a hug and that was it. As a kid you're expected to like girls or pretend that girls have cooties and all but I was never that type of kid. I told my mum that day that we moved that I liked Louis but she thought it was a phase. It wasn't and to this day isn't. She realized that when I met Sam. But enough with Sam, he's in the past, the past I want to forget about.

My thoughts are soon interrupted by knocking at my bedroom door. It's my mum.


I yell from my bed not wanting to get up.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes ju-"

I think to myself. Maybe tomorrow me and Louis can go over this, if he even remembers of course.

"Mum can I go with you tomorrow to Louis' house?"

I stand up and walk towards the door to open it. She's standing right outside.

"Sure, just remember what I told you."

"Yeah yeah."

I close the door and go back to my bed and stay there 'til night falls with the note in my hand thinking of how I'm going to bring this all up.

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