Chapter 16: Strategie Talk

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Me and Cato change into our PJ's. Now we don't care about keeping private since we're technically engaged. I put on some sweatpants and a tank-top. Cato puts on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"Let's head for the Garden" Cato states.

I grab his hand and lead him. Marvel and Glimmer aren't there yet so we just sit and wait. We watch as all the Capitol citizens return home and the Capitol mayhem calms down.

"Ohh, sorry we're late. Our mentors need to talk" Marvel announces. We all sit at the table and talk.

"So who do we ally with?" I ask.

"The boy from 4 and Peeta" Marvel responds.

"Peeta will lead us to fire girl. I hear that 4 is good at making traps and mines" Cato adds.

That's about all I say. Me and Glimmer just sit there listening but not responding. They talk about strategy in different environments.

"If it's a desert arena will will need to find water first. We'll need to safe-guard it from other tributes" Marvel continues.

"And if it's forest we could stay near the Cornucopia and divide weapons and supplies evenly" Cato states.

They talk and talk for maybe an hour or so. They talk about strategy and weaponry.

"We could probably take over the Cornucopia if it's in a good spot near water and food" Marvel states.

I don't really pay attention and neither does Glimmer.

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