Chapter two

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Eliza ran, spells barely missing her head. The wind was in her hair, brushing against her cheeks.  The field was uneven and slippery. Men with billowing cloaks came after her. She just needed to make it through the field, just a little bit more. “Come back girl! You can’t run!” One of the men shouted and casted another spell, but once again it missed her. They were only a few meters away, when the ground became dark. There was a growl and a massive dragon flied over them. “Get down Kingsley!” One of the men shouted, the dragon coming closer to the grown, flames barely missing the aurors. The dragon was now only a few meters above her head and she was still running. The aurors had begun casting spells again, but they weren’t strong enough. In one quick movement Eliza was picked up by the dragons claws, her feet hanging in the air. Her heart was banging loudly and fast and their speed increased. She could feel the air tickle her neck as they gained height.

The dragon, Fawkes, let go of Eliza when she was a few feet from the ground. After landing he turned around to face her, scowling. She looked down in the ground, rolling a stone  back and forth with her foot. He made an angry growling sound and she met his blue eyes. Swallowing she said shyly, shrugging her shoulders. “I was looking for roots.” She dug her left hand inside her pocked and showed him the root. Fawkes growled again, this time a few sparks escaped his mouth, before turning his back at her, angry. Eliza sighed, she would have expected him acting like this. “I am sorry.” She mumbled, but Fawkes pretended not to hear. The sky was threateningly black and a thunderstorm was on its way. She swallowed and walked towards Fawkes, but he moved away from her. A drop of water landed on her nose and she wished she hadn’t gone on the trip to find the roots, if not they would still be nearby their cottage. They were around three miles from it now and it was too far to walk. Eliza sank down under a tree and brought her feet up to her chest. As the rain poured down she watched Fawkes chest move up and down, his back still turned at her. She sighed an lied down at the moss, tired and shivering from the cold.

Eliza woke up by Fawkes wing being laid over her, almost as a tent, and she could feel the warmth on his body. She pressed her cheek next to him and sighed, a little bit drowsy. “I am sorry.” There was a grumbling sound from Fawkes and she smiled in her sleep. He had forgiven her.

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