Netherlands x Reader

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"Just tell her already!"

Tim was a man of a few words. Very few in fact. His face kept a neutral mask, many thought he only cared for money. Parties wasn't his thing and yet he was at one. His sister, Alicia, organised a party. Most people she knew were invited, Antonio including. Antonio was Alicia's boyfriend; Antonio was Tim's despised enemy. How Alicia convinced Tim to 'accept' Antonio was unknown to everyone.

As we already know, Tim was at a party. Loud music pounding in his head, intoxicated people laughing obnoxiously, blinding light. Alicia said she'd be back in 5 minutes but it already had been 25 minutes. He was sitting on a cushioned seat, he was really annoyed. He pulled his blue and white scarf tighter, he couldn't smoke inside and it was too crowded to find the exit.

Then he saw a familiar face, (Y/N). She was wearing casual clothes, a blue t-shirt and some jeans. Her hair was let down and her face makeup-free. His previous emotions disappeared. Tim liked (Y/N), more than a friend. It wasn't love at first sight. He had to warm up to her. He started talking to her when he saw that she was good with money. She came over to see Alicia but his sister was doing some paperwork. He then learnt more about her hobbies and personality. Alicia helped him see his feelings, she realised his blush whenever she talked about her.

"Hello, my favourite Dutch friend!" (Y/N) shouted over the sound of music.

"Hallo, (Y/N)" he responded, nodding slightly.

She took the vacant seat next to him. She smiled widely and started humming to the music.

"How are you?" Tim decided to start a conversation.

"I'm fine. I'm guessing Alicia forced you here?" (Y/N) said, raising an eyebrow.

Tim simply nodded and then stood up. He looked at her and began to walk. She followed him, passing a couple of her friends. Arthur was dancing, Gilbert drinking, Francis laughing at Arthur. Tim looked around, he finally gave up sitting inside the stuffy house. He saw the back door and sped walked to it. (Y/N) was still on his tail, he was glad that she followed him. The fresh breeze hit his face. He sat down on a wooden bench and looked up.

"It was too hot in there." Tim stated.

"Yes, it was." (Y/N) looked at him. She slightly shivered; it was quite a cold night.

"You cold?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

She shook her head but it was obvious she was lying. Tim thought for a second and did something he would probably regret later. He took of his scarf and wrapped it around her neck. A wild blush erupted on (Y/N)'S face and her eyes widened.

A window opened and a certain Spanish accent shouted out "Tell her already!"

A frown appeared on Tim's face. How he hated that Spaniard.

"(Y/N)... I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship but..." he sighed.

"But..." (Y/N) repeated, confused.

"Ik hou van jou." He spoke in Dutch.

(Y/N) had decided to learn Dutch to surprise Tim on his birthday and so she understood. She happily smiled.

"Ik ook van jou!" She burst out with joy.

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