A/N: So I'm not sure if I liked that last chapter, it was a little, er, different as to what I normally write. But hey, I guess I have to leave my comfort zone at some point.

You had been engaged to Dan for a week and you couldn't be happier. All the YouTubers were overjoyed by the announcement of your engagement. Liza Koshey had even dubbed Dan and you as 'YouTube's golden couple' in a tweet. Everything was going great with the YouTubers, not so much the fans. Most of them were happy for you and Dan but the extreme Phans couldn't be more upset.

You had gotten so much hate, comments on Dan's videos, your videos, tweets, you name it. Everything had finally died down, the internet seemed to finally accept that Dan and you were together and in love. But then it was all resurrected the day you announced your engagement. 

You were busy scrolling through the comments on the 101 Reasons Why video. They were terrible yet you couldn't pull your eyes away.  

"Do us all a favor Y/N and go kill yourself."

"Oh please, beautiful eyes? Free Spirit? Are we talking about the same fugly girl?"

"This is your worst mistake Dan, I don't think I can watch you anymore."

"You betrayed us Dan, how could you?"

"Soulmates?! That's rich, she doesn't even really love him!"

Every comment you read you got angrier and sadder. His fans still thought this of you, yours had finally accepted him. Why didn't they like you? What had you done wrong? Of course there were plenty of nice comments that made you smile.

"Aw! You're wedding is going to be amazing!"

"This is so sweet Dan, you're so good to Y/N, I'm glad she found you."

"This is going to be the biggest YouTuber wedding ever!"

"You and Y/N are so perfect for each other, two adorably socially awkward people."

"Y/N and Dan are the perfect couple! Seriously they have the best relationship."

These made you feel better about everything, they made you feel hopeful. But in the end you closed your computer and walked away, you couldn't deal with the internet at the moment.

"Hey Dan?" You called from the lounge.

"Yeah?" Dan called back.

"Come here!" You yelled.

"K!" You heard his laptop close and foot steps heading in your direction.

"What?" He asked.

"Question, I know my Dad's a jackass and all but did you ask for his blessing? I mean I don't really care. I'm just wondering." You said nonchalantly, you really couldn't care less, your fathers opinion didn't really matter to you.

"Oh, er, yeah, I asked." He started fiddling with his fingers, not looking you in the eye.

"And?" You pressed.

"Well, he-he said no at first. But after some...persuasion, he said yes." Dan mumbled slightly.

"He said no? How the fuck did you get him to change his mind?!" No one could ever change your fathers mind.

"Well, I said if he didn't say yes I would still propose to you and that he wouldn't be invited to the wedding. Then I told him that you were his daughter and I didn't care how much he hated me, he was going to look like the happiest son of a bitch on this planet when we walked out of the bar if it would make you smile and stop stressing out. Because I love you Y/N and I hate to see you upset." 

"You did that for me? You weren't scared?"

"Well of course I was scared but I love you way too much to accommodate to your fathers rules."

You reached over up to Dan and gave him a hug. 

"So um, you do know we're gonna like have to plan the wedding and stuff right?" You laughed a bit as you said this.

"Yeah, I know, soooo much work though!" Dan complained and flopped down on the couch. face first.

"Well it has to be done! But remember, we have Zoe and Phil! They'll love to help."

"Good point." Dan said in a muffled voice from having his face pressed against the couch. 

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