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Often coming up with the perfect title, is the most difficult part for writers, because you can never find a title that fits the story and is catchy.

Think about what your story is about. We'll use my story Connection as an example. (Not the best title but it works)
My story is about a group of teenagers with unknown superpowers, who all accidentally find eachother. It's a connection. Which is a simple title that's easy to remember but it also fits the story.

The stories with the most reads often have titles that hook your reader with something interesting or something that rhymes. Let's use "Death By Disney" as an example. (This story is amazing btw)
The title really hooks you, because who doesn't love disney? And they're taking something that everyone can relate to (Disney) and using another strong word (Death) that makes us even more intrigued to read.

If you're writing Fanfiction, alot of people like the stories with the name of a person in your story in the title. Like "Lights, Cameras, Harry Styles" This definetly will hook readers with the name Harry Styles, but it's also very catchy.

Try to stay away from titles like "Love At First sight" (I made a horrible story called that a couple years ago, and it's just very unappealing.

Here's another thing you can do to come up with a title. Look through your story for key words. (Words that make you feel something) Then combine 2 or 3 of those words to create a title.

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