Mine part 6 - The button

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Jungkook POV
I open my eyes and the sun shines on me. It's morning and the still sleeping Jimin cuddles himself on my chest. He looks like a small bean. The scene of yesterday appears on my mind. I cried... The last time I cried was where my parents died. Why? this guilt which eats me up. I gentle stroke jimin's soft hair. He looks so beautiful and fragile when he sleeps. I hate myself for lying to him. But what am I supposed to do? All I want is a good life for him where he feels loved...
This hungry guilt.. I have a bad feeling of what's coming. The guns will come today and I hope it goes well.
'K..Kookie?' Jimin asks sleepy with and I tighten my protecting hold on him. 'I'm here baby.' I say and kiss his soft brown locks. 'Do u feel better today?' He carefully asks and I tense up by this question but immediately relaxe. 'Y..yeah.' I say with guilt deep inside my chest. He smiles a bit but I don't think he believes me. I know that he's curious and I think I have to do it. I have to say the truth. But not know, I need a little bit more time. 'You know I really love your tattoo.' He says cute and gentle touches it with his soft short fingers. 'And u know that I really love u.' I answer and he giggles. 'Aww I love u too.' He says and kisses me with his sinful cherry red lips. He still tastes like vanilla. 'always.' I say and kiss him deeper.

Bang bang bang
I growl and Jimin laughs. I chuckle 'yes?' I shout and Jin opens the door 'Mr.jeon I'm sorry but Taehyung is already here.' My eyes widen. Taehyung? This early? 'I'm coming in 10 minutes. Thanks.' I say and Jin leaves. I get up and change clothes. 'Kookie? Who's Taehyung?' Jimin asks and gets up as well. He takes his glasses on and looks at me with his innocent chocolate-brown eyes. 'He's a friend of mine and he helps me at work.' I say truthfully and take him by his tiny waist. He gasps surprised but wraps his arms on me. I don't want him to leave my side. I want to marry him and to have kids with him. A future. 'Come we go.' I say and we go to the living room where Taehyung's waiting.

---in the living room----
'Jungkook. I have something for u.' Taehyung says and smiles widely at me. Jimin hides behind my back. 'Woahhhh? Is that Jimin? Wow Jungkook your decision was excellent.' Taehyung grins and Jimin slowly comes out 'aww so cute so shy.' He says and Jimin blushes of embarrassment. Taehyung goes to him and pinches his cute baby fat cheeks. A fire burns inside me, jealousy. 'Taehyung stop. You're scaring him.' I hiss dangerous and Taehyung lets go. 'Sorry' he chuckles 'I can't help it.' He answers and Jimin takes my hand. A little smile makes it on my face. Now to the job. 'Jimin would u like to go to Jin?' I ask and he looks at me with a glance I couldn't read. About Every person I know what they think but by Jimin I don't know. Sometimes it makes me afraid but that makes him more special. 'Uuhm okay.' He whispers and goes.
'What are you doing here? The guns? Where are they?' I asks with an undertone.
'Yes! The guns Jungkook. I'm sorry I had to come this early but I have an important message which couldn't wait.'
'A message?' I half yell half whispers. He nods
'The Kim's are coming soon. We don't know the exact date but soon. They want u Jungkook. They want your part of the mafia. You're still the youngest boss with the hugest and strongest empire. So they want Jimin to get u. Be careful around him. But u have good men and many of them. Kai takes every chance he'll get to take Jimin away.'
'I'll do everything to don't make this happen. This war has to end now... We have it for over 60 years.. And for what? We have to destroy them. I want to have a safe future with Jimin. He has the goddamn right to be save. Taehyung I'm afraid of losing him.' I say and Taehyung looks pitiful at me
'Don't worry. We protect him Jungkook.' He says and I smile a bit. 'I already talked to your security. They bring the guns in your mansion. I think I can go then. My job is finish here. I can sleep again' He grins 'goodbye.' He says 'thanks' I say and see when he goes.
'Taemin' I shout (taemin's one of the security) he comes 'where are the guns now?'
'Mr.Jeon you said we should bring them to the safe next to your office and we followed your orders.' He answers and 'okay'

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