War Ready

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It was 3:30 am and this nigga T still had me out and about with him over some bull shit. He made us leave the club early because he needed me tho help  handle some shit with him and his connect that he was telling me about. Apparently he was Trynna fuck him over with 3 keys less of what he promised him or some shit like that. Now y'all know T ass wasn't having it so he decided to have us drive 1 hour from queens to Brooklyn just to meet with this nigga. I just hoped nothing popped off. T hated when niggas got in the way of his money , just like what had happened earlier this week with ol boy. I never got my hands dirty , but for some reason I felt like tonight was gone be different.

''I can't believe this nigga tried to play me. 3 bricks or not he got me fucked up B.''T said while driving with one hand and smoking a blunt with the other. This shit wasn't gone end well and I already knew it, trynna keep T cool was one of the hardest things in the world too.

''Just be easy T man we gone see what's up.''I said shaking my head. I knew T already had his mind set up for the worse.

''Yeah we gone see what's up B and if this shit go left I need to know you got me.''He said as I looked at this like he was crazy . He knew not to say some crazy ass shit like that because I always had his back even when the nigga was wrong. T better get the fuck on with questing my loyalty, I'm not with the shit period.

''Nigga what?''I said looking over to him with like he was stupid because he was.

''You heard me B. I know you always dealt with the easy shit, but tonight it may be different Ace. I need you to watch my back my nigga. You gotta be ready to kill if you have to real shit, Matter of fact hand me my nine out the glove department.''He said as I thought to myself when the fuck did he put heat in my shit? Nevertheless I handed it to him.

''T you already know how I'm rocking, but I ain't with all that killing niggas shit. That's not me B.'' I said shaking my head.

Don't get it twisted I wasn't no bitch at all. I was down for whatever if I needed to kill anybody I would, but with T he just always doing some unnecessary shit. I wasn't gone jeopardize my life for some weak ass shit like this and he knew it.

''That's not me either.''T said taking a puff from his blunt this nigga was full of shit.

''Yeah fuckin' right nigga.'' I said laughing with him. T knew he then caught plenty of bodies, the nigga been in the game since forever.

''Nah but for real B. I know you'll do what you gotta do when it's time. That's why I chose you to come with me and not them other niggas, It's time to get down for real.''He said as  I just shook my head. This nigga wanted me to start selling just like him and I didn't want to. Yeah the money was good, but I was straight with my life right now. I liked it just how it was and I wasn't trying to change it. I'm the same ol nigga I've been since day one and T knew that shit too so I don't know why he was all on my case like a hoe.

''Yeah I'll think about T.''I said lying like a motha fucka my mind was already set and to be honest. 

We had now pulled up to his connect spot and it was about 6 or 7 niggas standing outside. T handed me his gun that was tucked in his pants and gave me that look like you ready? I nodded my head as we both got out the car of course all all them niggas was looking at us like it was already a problem but Shit fuck it.

''Aye' where that nigga Nikko at?''T said approaching them all while I was right behind him.

''Who the fuck wants to know?''One of the niggas said causing T to look around and laugh a little bit. Everybody knew who T was in New York and how he got down. This nigga must've been new to the game or something cause he was talking out the side of his neck not knowing T would put him down right here right now.

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