chapter five | the package | waterfall

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"U-um..." I stuttered. I glanced at Lyra and Akuma for help, but they looked just as lost and anxious as I was. Hikari crossed her arms and gave us an "I'm waiting" look.

"Well... We were searching for a place to sleep, and... this was the first place we s-saw, so we just ran in here and Sienna gave us what we needed."

Well, that might have been stretching the truth, but it was still technically accurate.

The Ice mage narrowed her eyes at me, causing me to feel rather uncomfortable. I squirmed under the sudden stress. Abruptly, she quickly turned her head to the nearby wall clock. Twelve noon.

"Alright then. The two of you can make yourselves at home, and further decorate your rooms... If you have any belongings whatsoever. I have to prepare lunch, and now that there are more people, it'll take a longer time. Come out when I ring the bell." Saying this, Hikari left us there and walked off.

"Fitting for her to be an ice mage, seeing that she's so cold all of the time. I don't even know why she volunteered to show our rooms," scoffed Akuma, after making sure she wasn't near us.

"I was so scared when she asked that question... What if she told the orphanage where we were? We would have been in huge trouble..." said Lyra.

"We just have to earn their trust day by day. There's no other way," I said.

"Pfft, that rhymed."

"Shut up, Akuma."


It was 4.15 in the afternoon. Drops of water once fell again from grey clouds clumped together in the sky, hitting the ground and forming puddles.

Nothing very eventful had happened so far. I didn't expect Hikari to be the type to make home cooked beef with mashed potatoes, let alone cook.

It didn't matter. It was so long since Lyra and I had a decent meal or this much luxury. Akuma was lucky, she only ate for the taste of candy.

I submerged my feet into the mini swimming pool I had, bored out of my skull. Wonder what the rest are doing. What does this guild even do?

"You know, I did hear our guild mates talking about taking on a mission about getting some keys," said Akuma. "I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the same thing, but I did hear about some elemental key things hidden all over the place."

"What key things? Akuma, how did you even manage to hear th-"

Knock knock.

"Waterfall," a familiar voice called out, "Lana made milkshakes. I got yours."

Oh boy. "Coming!"

I redrew my legs from the water and scrambled towards the door, almost tripping over my own feet.

Opening the door, I found Reaper standing in front of me, holding a big cup of what seemed to be strawberry milkshake.

As I took the cup, he peered into my room. "Hey! What are you doing?" I demanded.

"Who's Akuma?"

I felt like my stomach dropped through every organ in my body.

"Who's Akuma? W-What are you talking about? How- What? No one! Who's Akuma?" I managed to sputter.

Reaper deadpanned. "Sure there isn't. My dragonslayer hearing senses must be failing me," he said sarcastically.

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