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Odell POV

Taja had her arms wrapped around me and it honestly felt good to be back in this position .

She moved around in my arm and my grip got tighter, this my boo y'all no doubt. I give her hell and all but she really mine forever.

My phone goes off , it was Von.

What nigga ? I am a lil busy.

When a nigga say they a lil busy they either getting pussy or making money. Which one.

Don't worry about it, what you want?

Man this shit crazy but this girl tryin to get me caught up with a sex tape. Shit wild bro but since you busy probably with Taja imma let y'all do y'all thang .

How you know it was Taja?

Because I knew you were going go back to her . Everybody did . You sprung man.

I might be .

I guess man but imma hit you later so we can talk. Maybe you can stop by and have a drink

Yea that sound good , I'll see .

Taja was starting to wake up .

Alright , bye dawg


I hang up and kiss her forehead ,"You up ugly?"

She looks up," I am not ugly , what time is it?" I checked the clock," 7:00."

"Where is Alana and Aden." She sits up and covers her breast. Typical Taja.

"I told the sitter to bring them back at 8. We got another hour to go again. You need it wit yo uptight ass."

She shakes her head," No we gotta get up, this was enough."

"That hurt you?" My hand starts to roam down to her shit. Sometimes you just gotta tease to get what you want.

"Oooooo stawp. I can't go another round."

"Why you chickening out?" I start to rub my finger up and down her clit. She grabs it ," Nope nope , I already went against what I said and gave you some. Keep yo roaming finger to yourseeeeeelf."

She carried out the E in self because I started fingering her , I missed this shit of course I was going to show out.

"O leave me alone! Ugh." She rolls away from me . I laugh , I missed her ass.

Taja POV

Don't you hate when you say you not goin go back to his dumb ass but you do anyway and now you gotta find a way to tell yo friends .....

Ugh!  I took a shower and then put on a pair of jeans and a Nike shirt . I gotta attitude I can't believe I let Odell trap me like that. My dignity is officially gone.

I went into the kitchen and Odell was on the phone, by the way he was laughing I knew he was talking to one his niggas. It probably wasn't even that funny.

"Yeah we ain't doing shit tonight , stop by." I made a face . Stop by? Uh no.....they can stay at home wit they loud arrogant asses.

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