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Eternal Silence

// Chapter 28 //

I needed all my self control to wean Mayflower. She looked at me confused, perhaps wondering why I was rejecting her. I had to be strong to not look at her nice breasts and inviting nIpples. She did know how to provoke me.

She did not know how much she was tempting me. I was dying to feel her lips against mine again, dying to have her in my arms and stroke her soft bare skin. I was dying to make her mine, make her moan my name, being the first to be inside her. I was dying to do so many things but I would never succumb to my selfishness. It was not important what I wanted, all that matters was her and only her.

"What's wrong?" she asked, her beautiful green eyes showed her confusion.

"We cannot do this," I said, getting up from bed. Mayflower imitated my movements and also got on her feet, covering her breasts with her hands.

"Why not?"

"You would not understand,"

"Malcolm ..."

"I must go,"

"No, don't, don't go," she pleaded standing right in front of me. I stared at her in silence. She was so beautiful, I always thought humans could not be compared to vampires when it came to beauty but Mayflower definitely was something else.

Her perfect petite features were placed harmoniously on her face. Her eyes shone like green leaves in Spring. She had the face of an angel. Her thick provocative pink lips formed a small smile

"I want this, Malcolm," she told me seriously and held my face with both hands. She had to get on her tip toes to reach my face since I was taller than her "I want you,"

"You are just confused," I stated sternly. She shook her head

"I am not confused, I know what I feel," I could feel her warm breath caressing my face as she spoke. I grabbed her wrists and got her hands off my face.

"You know nothing,"

"Why can't you believe me?"

"You are too young and innocent to know what you really want," my eyes travelled down her neck to the valley of her breasts. I had to look away. I could definitely not focus when she was half naked in front of me. It was just too much "You deserve better," I whispered.

I heard her sigh in frustration and walked back to her bed. She sat on it using a pillow to cover her breasts.

"Come here," she touched a spot next to her. I hesitated "come on, it's not like I'm going to bite you or something," she smiled at me so I obeyed her and sat right across her, keeping my feet on the floor.

"How is your father doing?" I asked trying to change the subject. I knew her father was growing weaker each passing day. I could sense his weak heart beast from here.

"He's... you know," she looked down "he's surviving," I felt bad for bringing her father's subject up because I knew it was a touchy thing for her.

"How's school?"

"Since when are you interested in my life?" she asked cocking an eyebrow.

"I don't know," I shrugged my shoulders "I'm just... curious," That was a lie. I was actually trying to keep my mind away from lustful thoughts.

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