Chapter: 1

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This a little idea I came up with..................................................I hope you guys like it

I also decided that Leo will be here before they came into the real books so the plot will be able to work out right I was thinking of Percy coming early to but decided not to...... um Pease note that Taylor is not yet Taylor enjoy

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Taylor POV

I smiled as I beat Leo yet again at sword practice.

"Well that's another point for me!" I taunted, with a smirk.

" Oh, well, I'll get you back one day and plus I can beat you any day in forging my own weapons." Leo said back, though heavy breaths. You see Leo and I duel for fun to see who will win, but so far I have won most of the time. I don't count the time s when Leo lit him self on fire and chased me screaming, "RUN, MY FRIEND, OR THERE WILL BE A REASON FOR THE SONG, GIRL ON FIRE!!!!!!" ,we got a week on dish duty for that. You see Leo is a special son of Hephestus, he is, well, flammable without burning to death.

"Oh, Valdez you know that doesn't count cause your a son of Hephestus."

"It counts becuase I'm better at it then you."

"Leo next time just don't forget not to let your guard down and you will might just last longer then you do now."

"Oh shut it missy."

I gave him my pouty look, "But what if I don't want to."

Leo was about to answer back when Annabeth came running into the arena breathing heavily, "Chiron needs you now in the Big house."

"Do you know what for?" I asked.

"No," she said, "but Chiron said he needs you now."

"Great," I grumbled, ",I hope we didn't get caught for prank on the Hermes cabin."

"It was for pay back on the last prank they pulled on us," Leo said, "tell Chiron that, if this is about that, and he'll understand...hopefully."

"Okay, guys no time for chit-chat. Taylor, Chiron really needs you, now, it seemed urgent."

" Okay, okay, I'm coming." I said, with a sigh.

I started to walk with Annabeth up to the big house. You see, Annabeth and I have sort of a sisterly bond we are best friends and we know almost every thing about each other. We can tell when each other are hurt, sad, happy, or lonely. Annabeth and I have known each other since I was seven and she was eight. Leo and I have known each other since we where ten and ever since we have been partners in crime. Every time one of us gets into trouble its most likely the other would be with us. We prank people together and have the same schedule. Chiron has tried to separate us and...well it didn't end to pretty. Lets just say he ended up with pink horse hair (one month of dish duty for that).

Anyway, when I finally got up to the big house, I walked in with Annabeth to discover Chiron in wheel chair form.

"Thank you, Annabeth for bringing Taylor up here." Chiron said.

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