Chapter 19. Edited.

Kira P.O.V.

''Milo!'', someone screamed. I woke up with a major headache and all the screaming wasn't helping.

Johnny P.O.V.

''Milo!'', I screamed pulling him up off the floor.

''What the fuck man? I was sleeping'', Milo said rubbing his eyes.

Katie was gathering her stuff and crying. '''What the fuck Katie!'', Milo said turning to look at her as she snarled ''Ass hole'', and slapped him across the face.

Milo started to try to pull away from my grip but I took into him. I swung a punch a Milo's face. As my fist came into contact with his face a loud crunching noise followed. Milo fell to the ground blood beginning to spout from his nose.

''That's for getting my Sister pregnant'', I shouted.

''What?'', He spluttered through the blood and trying to get up again.

I grabbed him by the collar, he wasn't fighting back, he wasn't trying. Milo's eyes lit up in a sick way. Like he had been waiting to hear that, as if he had expected it.

''Johnny'', someone shouted behind me.

I looked briefly to see Paisley standing in the door way with her hands on her stomach. I looked to the ground. A pool of blood followed in a trail behind Paisley.

''There is something wrong'', She said in a whisper.

''Kira!'', I shouted standing up leaving Milo's blood stained body behind as I ran to Paisley.

''What?'', Kira shouted as her footsteps sounded down the stairs.

''It's Paisley'', I said as Kira came into view. She looked like she had just seen a ghost.

''Kira'', Paisley whispered turning to her. Kira looked behind her at the blood trail and look in front to where it continued and stopped between Paisleys legs. Kiras expression changed from the ghostly look to one of utter concern for her friend and little did she know her niece.

''Car now!'', Kira said running to Paisleys side.

''We have to get her to a hospital'', I said.

''Grab Milo's keys'', Kira said ushering Paisley to the front door.

I grabbed the traitor's keys and waited until Kira had gotten Paisley out the door before I ran to the car and turned it on. I jumped up and ran to the other side of the jeep to help Kira get Paisley into the car. Kira had already gotten her in and was about to get into the passenger seat. I grabbed her hand and tried to look into her eyes for support. Kira flinched away from my touch and jumped into the passenger seat.

She was hiding something. Something big. By the looks of it something bigger than us.

Kira P.O.V.

I was hiding something. Something big. Something bigger than us. I shut the door as Johnny looked into the car before running to his side. 

He looked worried and I knew it wasn't just about Paisley. I wish I could just reverse time.

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