Chapter Twenty-Two

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So to balance out all the presents I've been getting today I thought I'd give all of YOU a present! Here's the new chapter ;) Enjoy!




In front of the Flynn house two large SUV's were parked, black with black tinted windows. They looked like the type of car that would come out of a massive car wreck with little more then a scratch. Demolishing the other cars involved completely.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were bulletproof too.

Next to the first car stood a tall, lithe man. He was dressed in a crisp suit, the collar of his white shirt opened to show a triangle of tawny skin. Expensive sunglasses perched on a straight nose gave him that typical Agent look.

I assumed that was the bodyguard that would accompany Hayden.

That was until I noticed another man standing next to the second car. Dressed all in black with a skin the color of charcoal I hadn't even noticed him there until he'd moved. My god that man blended in well with the shadows...

The first one approached us with an arrogant smirk on his face, 'Morning Miss Taylor.' His voice was low and rugged and his walk gave me the distinct feeling of a cat on the prowl. Pure lethal power coiled beneath a human exterior.

With a large but elegant hand he took off the sunglasses. I couldn't stop myself from gasping at the sight of his eyes. It brought an even more arrogant look to his face.

His eyes were the color of molten gold, with such an intense look in them that I could only compare it to that of a cat focused on it's prey. A large cat. That wasn't all, the pupils were so large in the dim morning light that there was more black to his eyes then actual gold. The pupil wasn't even completely round but slightly oval shaped.

'Jaden!' Missy exclaimed from behind me before she suddenly came careening passed. She jumped from the stairs at the door straight at him.

He caught her easily and spun her around before gently coming to a stop. A warm smile on his face, which was without a doubt breathtakingly handsome.

'Hey Missy my love, long time no see,' he said, his voice a rumble. He had yet to let go off her or even put her down, it seemed to be effortless for him to hold her like that, as if she weighted nothing at all.

'Way too long, where did Nate send you? He wouldn't tell me...' Missy pouted while she stroked a hand through the pure black locks of Jaden's hair, rubbing her fingers behind his ear like you would a cat.

I would have called that odd but even stranger was his reaction; he cocked his head sideways and made a purring sound, low enough that I almost missed it. How much more cat like could he be?

Jaden laughed and put her down, a warm easy smile on his face that took the edge of that dangerous aura he carried. One that gave me the feeling he was ready to pounce at any moment.

'I was just running errands. You know what Nate is like, Seratin is back as well by the way,' the cat man jerked his thumb in the direction of the second car where I knew that black man was standing. Even though I couldn't see him now.

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