Chapter 15: Interviews!

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Glimmer's interview is pretty boring. She talks about her life back home and how she's so ready to win. Marvel is funny. He makes a lot of jokes and gets the crowd to laugh with him every other second. I'm up next.

"Give it up for Marvel from district 1" Ceaser says almost yelling.

"And now from district 2" he says mysteriously "Clove Sevina, 'the girl who played with knives' " he states. I walk on stage and sit down in the comfortable chair next to him.

"So Clove, who did you volunteer for? Was it your sister? It was very emotional." He says.

"Well it was my, fiance's, sister." I state with a smirk. "And believe it or not he volunteered for my brother" I add. The crowd awws and I smile again agreeing with them.

"So now you and Cato are a couple? Well that's lovely." he states.

"Yes, I am his Clover and he doesn't have a nick-name" I say " he doesn't want one. I think it makes him feel weak" I giggle gazing at him.

"And what about that score folks" the crowd cheers and I can only laugh with them "How did you get that?" he asks.

"I threw a knife a a fly on the ceiling and sliced it in half" I state proudly.

"So you'd say you're a good thrower?" I remember how my mother taught me. 

"Well I learned from the best. My mother taught me the basics. And my father taught at the Career academy with her" I state.

"Well I wish you the best of luck" he states, very loudly. "Clove from district 2. Give it up folks for Clove" Ceasar announces lifting my arm in the air.

I walk to the back the stage where the tributes who have already gone sit. Those spots are in order also. I sit next to Marvel and beside him is Glimmer.

"And next we have the fierce, dangerous, Cato Hadley also from district 2" Ceasar announces.

"It's great to be here" Cato responds with a certain look in his eyes.

"Well, you and Clove? Care to explain further?" Ceasar asks looking at the audience.

Cato turns to the audience. "Well I've been in love with her from the day I met her. She just started Career training. She was okay but now she might be one of the best knife-throwers in Panem" he states smirking.

"And you volunteered for her brother, how did you feel?" Ceasar asks.

"Well I knew I needed to make sure she goes home. It just happened that it was her brother Martial who was reaped" he responds.

"Well folks that's all the time we have. Thank you Cato for joining us" Ceasar says "Give it up for Cato Hadley district 2 tribute"

Cato walks over to his assigned seat next to me. "So, was I Capitol worthy?" he asks.

"To die for darling" I say with a Capitol accent. "And me?"

"Smashing, just spectacular" he replies. He kisses me on the cheek. "Glimmer, Marvel and you need to join me in the garden to talk strategy" he says now whispering since the other's have started their interview.

"OK" I say.

"Sure why not" Marvel adds.

"I'm in" Glimmer says.

The tributes begin to sit down one by one after their interviews. And we're down to the last 4. Not many before that were interesting. Rue's really touched me though. She volunteered for her younger sister. She is the oldest sibling out of -I think-  6 children. Thresh was reaped and made a pact to keep her alive as far and as long as he could.

Thresh's didn't stand out much. Most likely because he didn't talk much. A lot of nodding and un-huhn-ing. Not many sponsors will come for him.

Peeta also tries the star-crossed lovers angle. I think he's sincere but Katniss isn't. Blah blah blah.

And now Katniss.

"So how does it feel to get an 11 on your score in the I.E.?" Ceasar asks inattentively.

"Well it surprised me" she responds. She looks startled. Like something is following her. The interviews finish and we're dismissed. 

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