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"Another one? Already?" Maxie asked,

"Tramped by a eleven-year old that quickly? Depressing." Lysandre said,

"Quite the stupid pose he makes." Giovanni said,

"And his walk." Cyrus added,

"Lusamine seemed better. Sadly, she became good." Ghetsis rolled his eyes.

"He's coming closer." Archie said, frowning.

"I hardly doubt I'd enjoy his presence." Coltress glared at the security footage that everybody was watching. They were examining their soon to be colleague, Guzma, leader of Team Skull.

"Is he... going to burst down the door?" Lysandre asked, turning around from the couch to see hear Guzma yell, "It's your boy..."

"Oh no." Coltress muttered, already predicting what was to happen next. Guzma kicked the door down, smirking.


"I already hate him." They all said at once, already regretting being villains.

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