Exo's Ideal Type

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EXO's Ideal Type.. :">

The Guardian of EXO-k: SUHO

-Likes a girl with Literary Interest and

Long straight hair and knowledgeable,but

at the same time, also have an explosive


Incharge of the Eyeliner: BAEKHYUN

-He likes a girl that is full of charm. She

likes a girl that looks good wearing a

jeans,so you must have a sexy and a good


The Happy Virus: CHANYEOL

-Cute and someone who smiles a

lot.Sincere person. Someone who will

laugh when he is talking to her.For short

you gotta have a bubbly personality.

The Umma of EXO-k: D.O

- Firstly the girl must be kind,and I hope

when she eats, she will eat it very well or

in other word appreciate the food.A

sexy,Cute and beautiful Girl.

The Dancing Machine of EXO-K: KAI

-His Ideal Type is HAN YE SEUL. Kai likes

girls who are gentle and passionate. ( I

bet he'd love it of the girl has a lot of

passion for dancing just like him )

The Maknae of EXO-K: SEHUN

-Someone who are bright and cheerful

and also they must be clean and neat.

( That's the point why he is always with


EXO-m Ideal Types. :"">

The Rapper of EXO-m: KRIS

-Someone who is kind hearted,can cook

and can take care of others.a person who

is pretty and adorable like an angel.

The Goddess of EXO-m: LUHAN

-Someone who is quiet, Have a long

straight hair and have a white skin,

Graceful and Elegant.

The Dancing Machine of EXO-m: LAY

-Someone who is cute and respectful. He

likes girls that have big eyes,long hair and

she must be shorter than him.Last but not

the list she must have a good personality.

The Puffy cheeks of EXO-m: XIUMIN

-Someone who will keep him warm (A

huggable person indeed.. xD ). A girl that

can comfort him. A person that smiles at

him brightly.

The Maknae of EXO-m: TAO

-Pretty girl and sexy. xD Past interview he

said. "I really don't care because I'm still

young and I'm a hardworking ninja that

want to focus on my career." that's what

he said. Thank the lord that he now have

an ideal type.. xD


-Likes the way a NOONA would comfort

him.Age doesn't matter for him. A person

who have a pretty smile and a person that

will lead him all the time.

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