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Kendall- Oh (Y/N) im so sorry, I-I-I didn't know what happened there

You- Kendall it's fine...

Kendall- Really?

You- Haha, yea... I get it

You hear the door open

You- Logan is here, bye...

You slowly got up from his bed and went to Logan

Logan- Hey, I got you pink smoothie

You- Thanks...

Logan- Hey, is everything okay?

You- Yeah, just tired

Logan- same here, let's go relax

You both go over to the sofa and turn on the TV. Grey's Anatomy came on and you shushed at Logan then focused on the TV. Logan laughed and started to watch it with you. While watching the show, you looked over st the door and see Kendall trying to sneak out. He looks at you then leaves. You stare at the door then focus back at the show. The episode ended and Logan stood up

Logan- Would you accompany me to dinner?

You look down and laugh and look back up

You- I will gladly go with you

You both laughed and left the apartment. He took you around the city. It was pretty fun... just being with him. But you couldn't stop thinking about what happened with Kendall, it felt pretty weird but it happened and now it's over.... Logan took you to your apartment. You both said your goodbyes and you walked into your apartment. You slid down on the couch that was near. Ashlynn so walked in and saw you

Ash- Do I have to order pizza?

You- yes and no

Ash- well, I don't know what that means... but I'm ordering pizza

Jessica- what's going on here?

Ash- I'm getting pizza

Jessica- Yes, I am starting to get hungry

Jessica soon sees you and she sits down next to you.

Jess- You okay?

You- something happened today... and now I feel like I'm in a triangle

Jessica- does Logan know?

You- he has no idea... I'm scared to tell him... what if he freaks out? Or even dumps me

Jessica- I'm sure he will understand

After she said that there were knocks on the door. Then someone saying something through the door

Logan- Y/N! We need to talk!

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