Wendigo. It was close by. There seemed to be a concentration of them lately. It was damn annoying and extremely dangerous to go after them. But they were killing people left and right. The locals were so scared of the woods right now that the only ones who would go in were the rangers and they only went in during the day. Now the Wendigos were traveling out of the woods to get their food. The locals were being decimated and so she went in.

She still loosely kept in touch with John, and occasionally even Daniel, but she went out of her way to avoid the brothers. Sam and Dean were not to know about her. But it was likely that they were going to come to this hunt. God, they weren’t prepared to deal with the influx. That’s why she slept with the curtains closed during the day and went Wendigo hunting every flipping night. To help John.

“Sam!” A loud masculine voice roared as two boys raced through the woods at sunset. A damn Wendigo was out already. All they’d done was piss it off. Stupid Winchesters getting in my way. Getting in over their god damn heads!

“Dean!” The tall large one yelled. The Wendigo was leading them right into it’s lair. Running through the trees she made her way to where she knew the Wendigo was going. Loading the bullet she’d designed to explode right after impact she waited. Suddenly the Wendigo appeared carrying both of the Winchester boys. Both were dazed but awake. Fortunately neither were fighting but the bastard was holding them. So if she shot the damn thing she would light them on fire too which was not an option. Waiting until the Wendigo strung them up she had all her shots lined up.

“Hey ugly,” Pull the trigger right at it’s head. Dead center shot. Impact. Lot’s and lot’s of fire. “Let’s play.” Turning to face the boys she holstered her gun and popped open her pocket knife.

“Who are you?” Dean was a bit more lucid than Sam was, though he still sounded groggy. Checking Dean’s head he tried to shake her off. But she held him steady until she finished checking his head. She moved to Sam next. “Don’t touch him!” Dean yelled. She stopped, holding her breath before breathing out. Damn you Dean Winchester! I’m cleaning up after you!

“Dean?” Sam had apparently been knocked out and was just coming to. “Dean that you?” Sam opened his eyes to find a black hooded figure staring intently at his head cutting his ropes.

“I said get your filthy hands off him!” Dean yelled. The stress from all the years and this particular job caught up with her. Pulling her knife she pointed it at Dean.

“Shut the hell up and let me do my job Dean!” She yelled. Sam must have gotten really lucid suddenly because he kicked her away from him. He managed to get himself untied the rest of the way. He was unsteady on his feet but he tried to get to Dean.

“And what’s your job huh? Kill us?” Dean was trying to stall. Sam was over to him fast but Dean knew that even with both of them they couldn’t take her. Yeah, it was a she. And Sam and he had just pissed her off. Massively. She had been standing there while Sam untied Dean. Tense but not moving to stop them. Looking her over Dean realized she was skinny and small. Hell, if Dean hadn’t seen her shoot the Wendigo himself he wouldn’t have believed she had what it took to do it.

“What the hell do you want?” Sam asked the girl. She looked like a specter dressed in all black. Suddenly she perked up and put her fingers to her lips. She took out her gun checking that she had rounds left. The brothers looked at each other and decided to follow her lead. Suddenly she was up against a wall, the Wendigo was strangling her.

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