Waterpark Confessions - Part 8

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I groaned when the bathroom door between the two dorm rooms opened and closed. I moved back the covers off my head and watched Lark shuffle into the room with her blankets. I had no idea what time it was, but it felt too early. 

"I'm just going to crash on your floor," Lark said. She threw her blanket on the floor, then her pillow and curled up in a ball. 

Tricia tossed back the covers and sat up in the middle of her bed, rubbing her eyes. "Why?"

I just wanted to sleep. I didn't care if Lark slept in the bathtub as long as I could close my eyes, forget about my hangover and somehow erase the image of Rachel (cause apparently that was her name) kissing Rob in the middle of the university bar. I wanted to throw up. I wasn't sure if that was from the image on repeat or all the alcohol consumed after I saw them. I felt pretty pathetic, in any event.

"Jill has a class and she's so loud. She's like an elephant at a convent, trumpeting from the top of a mountain," Lark moaned

"That doesn't make any sense," I mumbled, my literary brain offended by her terrible comparison. Then, I remembered it was Sunday, and it made even less sense. "She can't have class."

"Well, she has something. I try not to listen." Lark turned over on the floor and pulled her blankets tighter. "It's much nicer in here, even if the floor is so hard."

Tricia was still sitting up in bed and looking around the room. Her bedhead was out of control, but that was the last thing I was going to mention so early in the morning. 

"What time is it?" She smacked her lips. The alarm clock was covered by the clothes she threw last night. "Liz?"

I pried one eye open again to check my clock. Holy shit. "It's 2 pm." I sat straight up in bed. "It's 2 pm!"

"Ah, shit. We're going to miss the bus to the waterpark." Tricia rolled off the bed, flung open the room darkening curtains and started throwing things into a beach bag that she grabbed out of the closet. 

"Lark, get off the floor and go grab your stuff. Jill must have been getting ready for the waterpark," Tricia said.

Lark moaned and sat up. "Jill was drying her hair to go to the waterpark?" 

I was moving around the room, chucking what felt like random things into a bag, trying to not so subtly impress upon Lark that she needed to get out of our way. 

"Who dries their hair to go the waterpark?" Lark flopped back onto the floor.

"Ah, we won't even be going to the waterpark if you don't get your ass moving." Tricia threw her towel so it landed on Lark's head. She laughed and kept packing. "Pass that back, will ya?" She crossed the room and snatched it back. 

"I need some music to get me motivated," Lark complained, gathering up her stuff to head back to her room. She crossed through the adjoining bathroom, leaving the door ajar.

Tricia immediately went over to the CD player and plucked one my CDs from my pile. 

"This will do," she said. 

She popped the CD out and slid it in and giggled as she cranked it up. Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid hit my ears at full blast and even as I winced, I smiled.

"Good choice." I laughed as I grabbed my shampoo and conditioner from the bathroom for later. "You're going on the water slides, right?" It occurred to me, all of a sudden, that not everyone loves the water like me.

She frowned and looked in her bag, her blondish colored hair falling around her face. "I packed my suit. I'm kinda indifferent, though." She dropped her bag and then pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail. 

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