Chapter 1

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I've just begun putting Living in the Shallows, the first book in this series, here on Wattpad, so if you're just starting this one, you might want to read that one first, even though this one's been here longer...


The sun rose on my tenth day in London, and I woke to the sounds of birds and traffic, the fragrance of roses, and sleepy gray eyes looking at me through crazy brown hair.

     Teddy smiled at me, and I smiled back, rolling onto my back, noticing as I did that the front of my nightgown was unbuttoned all the way down. I quickly stopped to button it up before the sides pulled too far apart.

    "Hey," he said indignantly as he leaned in to grab my hands. "That's the part I was looking forward to! I woke up before you specifically to see that. Don't deprive me."

    I looked at him in fond exasperation, giving an experimental tug on my wrists to see how strong his grasp was. He held tight, grinning.

    "You can't expect me to ditch a lifetime of modesty in ten days and succumb to your hedonistic ways, Theodore Shelley," I finally said in defeat, lying back down and letting him pull my arms above my head with one hand.

    He straddled me, smiling, hair hanging down and forming a curtain around our faces, as he said, "Full naming me before noon. Going to be one of those days, I see." He kissed me, spreading my nightie out the rest of the way with his other hand, then putting it on me, on my breast, making me arch my back toward his palm as I moaned softly.

    "I really don't get this fascination with my breasts," I murmured into his mouth. "I mean, they're just a body part, like any other body part, aren't they?"

    He rubbed his thumb across the nipple as he bit my bottom lip, settling between my legs. He was very hard, "morning wood", as he called it, or "my morning chubby" if he was in a humorous mood, which was quite often.

    He put his mouth to my other breast, licking, suckling, closing his eyes in concentration. "No," he breathed. "They are definitely not like any other body part I've ever encountered." He gently bit me, rutting slowly, deliciously, with his hips. "Anywhere," he continued, brushing his lips softly against the pebbled nipple. "On anyone," he concluded, barely audible, finally releasing my wrists so I could bury my hands in his hair.

    We grew quiet for a while, making out like teenagers in the warm morning light. Then he pulled back, grinning, to say, "I think you were using the wrong part of speech earlier." At first I didn't know what he was talking about; it just seemed like one of those non-sequiturs he was so fond of. "The wrong determiner, in this case." I looked up at him, and he looked down, showing a dimple on the side of his face that I could see. "Yeah, that's right, I've been listening to you, I'm learning the parts of speech," he said with a laugh, giving me a little shake. "Anyway, you shouldn't have said, 'my breasts', meaning yours, Birdie's, you should have said, 'your breasts', meaning mine, Teddy's."

    I stared at him. "What?"

    He grinned again, warming to his topic. "You don't care about them one way or the other, they're just appendages to you, you've said so. Whereas I care about them passionately. They are the most beautiful examples of their kind I've ever seen in my life, and believe me I've seen many. Many," he said for emphasis. I hit him on the chest. He continued as if nothing had happened. "Sometimes just thinking about them can get me so turned on; I have to be careful when I'm out in public. Last week, when I was at that meeting with my manager, I was thinking about them and I started getting, you know, excited? So I tried not to think about them? Well, that's like telling a small child not to think about Christmas, and the more I tried not to, the more they just kept popping into my head, until I had to just, excuse myself to the toilet and take care of myself so I could get back to the business meeting."

    I covered my face, embarrassed, before saying, "You never told me that. That was last week? When you had to go downtown?"

    He nodded. "Well, it was a bit embarrassing, you know, adolescent, hiding in a toilet and having a wank to the thought of someone's tits, if you'll pardon the vulgarity." He dropped a kiss on my nose. "But I'm telling you, that's the effect that they have on me. I mean, I love all of your body, every part; your tiny, beautiful hands, your valuable waist and hips, your gorgeous bum and legs, your incomparable neck and shoulders, and don't even get me started on your face, my god, but these beauties here," and he put his hands on my breasts, "they take the prize for just being sublime and without equal." And he bent his head to kiss me, moving his hands, setting me on fire.

    I didn't think we were ever going to be one of those couples who pounded the headboard into the wall and screamed out each other's names. I still felt pulled, deliciously stretched when we came together; he was the only lover I'd ever had, and it hadn't even been two weeks. It took very little to push us both over the edge.

    "I want some ice cream," he whispered with a smile, kissing me, taking my jaw in his hand as he licked into my mouth.

    He rolled us, so I was astride him as he leaned into the pillows. "I love how, um, stretchy your body is in the morning," he murmured, pulling himself up to hug me as he lifted my arms above my head again, making my torso long.

    "I think the word you're looking for is 'pliant'," I laughed, shaking my head. "Or 'pliable'?" I mused, as he lifted me onto him, leaning me back slightly so he could see himself slowly sliding into me.

    "Holy hell, so hot," he groaned, closing his eyes. "Love to feel you squeezing me," he murmured, as usual leaving off the "I" at the beginning. He tended to slip into a kind of sexual shorthand when we made love, losing his nominatives first, his speech becoming more unraveled as he did.

    I sighed as he filled me, leaning my head back. I was already soft, completely open and ready for him, and I couldn't control the long "hmm," which came with my exhalation.

    He reached forward and sucked a purple mark onto the top of my breast, moaning as he did. He kissed the spot after, pulling me even closer to him. "Ah, feel like I'm going to lose my mind when you're pressed up on me like this," he whispered, putting his hand on the back of my head, our noses almost touching as we looked at each other. He closed his eyes as I sank down on him again, brows drawing together, reaching to kiss me.

    I wrapped my arms around his head as I continued to move, and he put his hand between us, feeling for my center through the hot slickness that was us. He rubbed me, timing his actions to our movements, making my breathing erratic.

    "Fuck, Birdie, can feel myself through your fucking skin," he groaned into my ear, pressing into my abdomen with his other hand. "Feel that? How deep inside you I am?" He shuddered.

    "Yes, yes," I said softly. He increased the pressure with his thumb, making my thighs quake as they squeezed him.

    He bent my torso so he could suckle my breast again, pressing me into his warm  mouth with his strong hand on my back. My mouth went slack as my orgasm approached, the rest of me tensing, motionless.

    "So fucking beautiful when you come," he said, pulling off my breast to watch me. He put his mouth next to my ear, encouraging me. "Come on, darling, come for me, come to me, let me feel you on me—"

    His words pushed me over the edge and I gripped his shoulders, gasping.

    "Ahh, god, here I come, too, me too, Birdie," he moaned into my ear. I could feel him spasming, his heat deep inside me, like he said, hitting parts of me I'd never even known I had. "Shit, feels so—" he jerked his hips, squeezing my body into his with his arms, biting my shoulder. He took a deep breath as he relaxed, as we both came down together.

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