I Don't Deserve This...

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Marinette's POV:

As I stood my ground, I had this really scared feeling in my body, but I knew I had to overcome it, and this is the way.

   Alya came up to me and said nothing for a second and stepped me as hard as she could. As I fell to the ground and she kicked me 2 times. O e one the back and the other one on he head.

   It hurt like heck and as I started to cry I covered my face and ran into my house, I was sobbing as my head was bleeding. I let it bleed, because for all I cared I don't deserve this, and who would care if a dumb old school-girl like me just died in the floor.

Chat's POV:

I saw Marienette run to her house, and for all I saw with blood on her hands!
   I was so nervous since she is in her house alone. So I quickly ran to my house and transformed.

   I got to Marinette's house and knocked in the window she didn't come get it so I just invited myself in.
   I walk inside only to find-"MARI!"


   Hey guys I know I haven't been the best author, but I need your opinion on what book I should do next.
There are 2 books I might do


   Thank you guys so much and I promise I will be updating soon, and thank you so much for being patient with me, byyyyeeeee

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