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My dick was too big.

My fake one, of course.

I had a rolled up cloth in my pants to kind of make a dick. I made my dick too big. It looked like I had a monster cock.

Why are you wearing a dick? You may ask.

Well, I was dared to, simple as that. I was moving to a new school and one of my friends thought it would be funny if I spent the school year dressed as a guy.

"You already have a boy name, why not put it to use?" They had said in between chuckles.

"My name is unisex, fucking sluts," I had muttered.

And now I had a big ass dick and a lot of duct tape around my chest, that was going to hurt later on.

"Sawyer-oh," my father cut off in mid-sentence and glanced at my appearance.

He gripped the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Not going to ask. That is not my job."

"It's a social experiment, dad," I muttered bashfully.

"I did not ask because that is not my job," he said again, "but you do know that," he pointed at my crotch, "is abnormally big."

I sighed and yanked the piece of cloth out of my pants, "I know."

He chuckled. "We leave in ten, kiddo."


"Why are you dressed like a boy?" Hayden, my younger brother, asked as we were walking into the school.

"None of your fucking business, asshat. If you tell anyone, I'll tell mom and dad that I caught you smoking weed with your friends."

He narrowed his eyes. "Touché."

We both walked our separate ways after that. I wanted to find my Homeroom before the bell rang. This school was sure bigger than my oth-

"Ouch," I groaned.

I was on the floor, with a fucking person on top of me.

"Yo, what the fuck," I said, in my best impression of a boy's voice.

"I'm sorry, man, my bad." The guy said as he stood up, helping me up next.

I was about to curse at him but his appearance caught me off guard. He was absolutely beautiful.

He had piercing blue eyes and perfect plump lips. His jaw was perfectly defined and his hair was jet black, styled in the sexiest way possible.

"Are you. . . checking me out? I mean, I have nothing against homosexuals but I don't swing that way," he said with a brow raised.

Oh, fuck, I'm a guy.

I opened my mouth to answer but before I could, he spoke.

"And is that a- I mean, thanks, man," he added while wincing.

"Fuck, is it still that big? I tried to make it smaller! Fuck my life," I growled as I shoved my hand down my pants.

The guy furrowed his eyebrows. "Right, well, I'm gonna blast."

"Oh, by the way, my name is Sawyer!" I said as I extended my hand towards him.

He looked at my hand as if it were on fire. "Look, Sawyer, I'm mostly a big asshole, the only reason I didn't punch your nose in for bumping into me is because I fell on top of you. Trust me, you don't want to become friends with me."

He walked past me and I sighed.

So much for making friends.

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