"Ariana!" My brother yells at me from his room down the hall. "Coming" I shout to him finishing my makeup with mascara. Unlike most girls who wear little makeup and messy buns all of the time, I need it to cover acne and redness. I'm wearing some denim skinny jeans and black converse and my brothers lacrosse sweater.

"Cameron?" I ask coming down the stairs at top speed nearly tripping on him sitting at the bottom. "Damn girl, got a hot date you're late for?" he asks teasingly. I ruffle his hair running to the kitchen. He chases after me wrestling me to the ground. In a matter of minutes I have him pinned down begging for mercy. I stand up and get my water bottle taking a drink before setting it on the counter. "So brother dear, what's on the agenda today?" I ask him sitting on the counter. "We're going to Nash's place to make some vines and chill." He said. "Great, we driving?" I ask him. "Yeah I'll go get my keys" he replies going to his bedroom upstairs.

So I guess now is a good time to explain some things. My name is Ariana Dallas, Cameron Dallas' sister. I'm a year younger than him, making me 15 and him 16. I have brown hair like his and hazel eyes. My skin is pretty tan but that's because I spend most of my time outside playing field hockey or just playing lacrosse with Nash and Cameron. I'm not bad at lacrosse, but my main sport is field hockey.

"Lets go!" Cameron yelled leaving out the back door. I ran after him picking up my phone and water bottle and stuffing my iPhone tripod, and wallet into a purse along with the water bottle. I got in the passenger side of Cam's truck and we started on our way to Nash's place.

When we got there Nash was playing with Skylynn in the front yard. They had bubbles and chalk and were making pictures and writing their names on the driveway. We parked by the curb and hopped out of the truck. Cameron went to the back and got lacrosse sticks out of the back and chucked a ball at me. I caught it in the air "nice catch." Nash said going to give Cameron a 'bro hug' then making his way over to me and wrapping am arm around my shoulders and I squeezed his side. I pulled away and smiled at him and he gave me a goofy face. "Lets make the video and then play some lacrosse!" I said running towards the house. Cameron laughed at me as I stumbled getting to the house. Nash was too busy cooing Sky to even notice. I opened the door to see the living room was occupied by Hayes who was playing a video game. "Hey" I said coming to give him a hug and kissing his cheek. "Sup Ari" he said also kissing my cheek. "Hayes, you're not allowed to make out with my sister" Cam said going up the stairs with Nash. I giggled getting up and following them upstairs leaving Hayes blushing on the couch. When I went up the stairs and down the hall I stopped at Nash's room letting myself in to see them both already with their shirts off. "You do realize it's December right?" I asked them, they shrugged. Oh well can't complain I guess. I sat down on the bed laying across Cameron's lap and staring at the ceiling. "What are we vining about?" Nash finally broke the silence. "How about a mista steal yo girl?" I asked. "Alright but what are we Gonna do in it?" Nash asked back. "I have an idea come with me." Cameron said taking my hand and pulling me outside

"Okay so this is how it's going down. Hayes you start out with Ari and you hug her goodbye and Nash comes in and steals her, grabs her waist and kisses her." He explained to Brent Rivera, who had just showed up. "Wait so I kiss him?" I asked a bit shocked. "No, he kisses you" Brent clarified. "Alright then" Nash said winking at me and going to his spot. They started recording and Hayes hugged me goodbye and Nash came sliding down the hill and hooked his arm around my waist gently grabbing my hips and pressing his unfamiliar lips to mine. I kissed him back for about a second until the vine was done and Cam pulled Nash off of me laughing. I also started laughing and high fiving everyone as Cameron uploaded the vine. "Now lets play lacrosse!" Cam said getting the sticks and going to the back yard. "I'm gonna watch this time boys" I said sitting on the steps in the back. "Alright" Brent said as they teamed up Cam and Nash against Brent and Hayes. I watched as four boys ran and sweated across the yard and checked my twitter and even Facebook which I never use anymore. When I looked back up they were waking to the porch out of breath and sitting on the chairs. "So.. Ari?" Brent asked. "So what?" I said. "Was Nash a good kisser" he said smirking causing Nash to slap his arm. "Yeah" I said taking a sip of my water. "I enjoyed it" I added. "So Nash was my sister a good kisser" Cam asked Nash. "Oh definitely" he said sending a cheeky smile at me. "So would you guys ever kiss again" Hayes asked suddenly joining the conversation. I stood up and walked over to Nash and kissed his cheek. "Anytime" this time I winked at Nash and they all laughed except Nash who blushed and pretended to be honored. I sat on Cameron's lap and he hugged me and pinched my cheeks "I wov you baby sister" he said in a baby voice. I slapped his hand away from my cheek and mumbled an 'I love you too' "what was that" he asked about to tickle me. "I lov-" I was cut off by Brent lifting me up and tickling my sides and I burst out laughing and they all started tickling me and I was squirming all around until I hit someone and they fell over grunting. "Ah shit". Cameron said letting me go and laughing at Nash who was sitting on the ground holding himself. "Aww Nash I'm sorry" I said sitting beside him and wrapping my arms around his bare stomach. "It's.... fine" he said getting up and helping me off the ground.

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