meet the cast.

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Allison; smart

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Allison; smart. cynical. defended. very attractive. had to work for everything she has. an assistant chef for a chic uptown restraurant. and a romantic disaster area.

Lydia; spoiled. adorable. courageous. terrified. Allison's best friend from highschool. has worked for none of what she has. on her own for the first time, and equipped for nothing.

Malia; sweet. flaky. Allison's former roomate. sells barrettes on the street and plays guitar in the subway. a good soul.

Isaac; handsome. macho. smug. lives across the hall from Allison and Lydia. wants to be an actor. actually, wants to be Al Pacino. loves women, sports, women, New York, women and most of all Isaac.

Scott; droll. dry. an observer of everyone's lives. and his own. works in front of a computer doing something tedious in a claustrophobic cubicle in a nondescript office building. survives with his sense of humour, and snacks.

Stiles; intelligent. emotional. romantic. Allison's brother. suddenly divorced. facing singlehood with phenominal reluctance. a paleontologist, not that it matters.

all in their twenties.

all trying to figure it out.


remember this is an au. ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE.

forget the characters personalities, they are playing different people. k, bye


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