Prologue-Party Animal

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"Uggh...PLEASE!" I choked out, "Another shot and i am going to hurl everywhere."

"Come on Chas!" Cassi shouts, "Down this!"

I chug the alcohol fast and slam the glass down on the granite counter top hard, feeling the burn run down my throat as i'm close to throwing up my whole life in front of a ton of party people. Come on Chasity, you can handle this shot. You can do it! I talked to myself, trying to hold my weight in booze down. I held my breath for fear that i would blow if i let it out. I unclasp my hand from over my mouth and let the air out slowly. Oh fuck. Oh fuck! I'm done for...

" don look so hot." Cassi stuttered in a drunken haze. I threw a hand over my mouth and sprinted to the nearest trash can, bowl, empty glass, backyard. Vomit crawled up my throat and tightened my grip to hold it back down. I ran upstairs in hopes of a restroom somewhere close by. Really? This house is that big and a restroom is no where in sight! Oh fuck! I was almost bursting from the seams when i pushed open a door and found a couple making-out in the bathroom.

I reached the bowl just in time to have Rum and coke, two shots of Everclear, 4 shots of Tequila and that last double shot that put me over the top, past intoxication was Sex on the Beach. I tasted it all as the burn came from deep in the pit of my stomach. Someone slide their fingers underneath of my hair and held it out of the line of fire. I gasped in short jagged breaths and then sighed as i laid my heavy head on the side of the lid.

"Thanks for holding my hair Cass.." I sniffed and closed my eyes. Praying to not pass out and get raped. At these trashy parties you can't trust anyone, but your own judgement. It's a risk. Every time you go, your life is always going to be in the hands of how much alcohol you can drink and still know where you are and how to get home.

"Anytime Chasity." I opened my eyes at the sudden male voice i wasn't suspected. Shit! Shit. Shit. Shit. Your going to get raped Chas. Because you have to go to lame trashy parties. There's your life! Gone. This freak all ready knows your name. Your so dead biotch. So extremely dead right now i rambled on to myself.

"And you are?" I questioned trying to sound unharmed by this unknown stranger that would soon pull out a gun and be like, 'I'm raping you and my name is Bill'. Well, Bill didn't sound to intimidating but still. Death,

"Someone who keeps a close eye on you." He left with that and i relaxed a little. No more parties for this kid! Three things i was certain of:

1. I had gotten completely loaded and threw up my whole insides.


2. A random guy walks in and holds my hair for me then mysteriously leaves.


3. Something about him made me desire to be closer.


I was clinically crazy! I pushed myself off of the cool tile bathroom floor and pushed open the door. I stumbled helplessly down the stairs. I tore Cassi away from a bunch of mindless hunks and headed out what i hoped was the front down. I was done with this creepy party.

"Hey, let's leave Cass. I'm out for the fight."


Author's note"


Lemme know if this is good or not? Should i continue?




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