Joseph’s P.O.V

“Hey man!” I greeted Marcoz with the usual man hug.

“Sup dude.” He said.

“So what cha ganna do today?” I asked.

“Nothing I was wondering if we could meet tomorrow and do homework.” He said.

“Cool! Hey I see someone coming.” I told him.

“What? Who?” he turned around and saw Vale.

“Bye dude!” I said patting his shoulder.

“BYE!” he screamed after I was gone.


Gaby’s P.O.V

I went to the gym as usual and found him lighting weights. I wonder why he’s doing that? I hate guys who are muscular but I have to make an exception for him.

“Guess who?” he asked.

“Joey!” I said.

He turned me around and his face was so close to mine. I had to resist the urge to kiss him. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes of his. Why does he have to be soo cute? He turned around and asked me what I was doing tonight. Why did he have to do this to me?

Oh nothing why?” I was hoping he would ask me out.

“Oh nothing, just wondering if you wanted to get ice cream with me?” he said.

“Yes, I would but what kind?” I asked.

“Oh any kind they sell at Braum’s!” he said.

“OMG that’s my favorite place!” I said.

“Cool.” He said.

“Okay when are we going?” I asked.

“Right now!” he said.

“No you stinky!” I said stating a fact.

“Oh really I do?” he said putting his arm around me.

“Yes! Joey get your arm off me!!” I shrieked running away from him. That jerk only chuckled and ran after me.

“Come back baby!” he teased.

I kept running. He grabbed my waist and spines me around.

“AHHH!!!! Put me down!” I told him giggling.

“Okay! But I’m picking you up at 7 for ICECREAM!” he said singing the last part.

“Shut up! People looking!” I told him covering his mouth. He took my hand off his mouth.

“Am I embarrassing you?!?!” He teased.

“Yes! Now go take a shower you stinky!! I’m going home to get ready!” I told him walking away.

“Bye Baby!” he said.

“Bye Sweetie!” I screamed back.

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