Chapter 13 (Zuri's Chapter!)

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Okay I will make this one in Zuri's P.o.V. It will be based on Chapter 12.

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Zuri's P.oV.

I was sitting in the Living Room when Emma and Randy left for some reason. I quickly made my Way up to my Room to find Chubby the Bear. "Chubbs get off of Milly!" I quickly grabbed him to stop him from crushing Milly.

Ravi burst into my room saying mom was looking for us. We quickly made our way past Luke's Room witch was Quiet I think he was sleeping. In the living room Mommy and Daddy were putting on their Coats and rushing to the Elevator Ushering us to get ready to go to.

As we left the Building we got into the Limo and told the Driver to take us to The Hospital. When we get there we hurried up to the Waiting room. Mom and Dad had Ravi and I wait outside as They talked to Randy about why they are here.

"So Zuri how's Chubby?" Asks Ravi. "Fine. Even though that Lizard almost Ate Him." I snap at him. "Well Why do you think I don't have any other Animals? It's because 'That Lizard' ate them so now you know not to Leave them out." He snaps back as the Door opens to show that Randy looks like he is heading Home.

When we entered the room Jessie was in Mom and Dad were talking to her and she had a Smile on her Face. I looked out the Window and Saw Flashes of Light coming from the Park, I ushered Ravi and Emma over to look, "I think that could be Randy." Says Emma, "I think so too." I said agreeing with Emma. "What could possibly cause That? If it is Randy then who is he fighting?" Questions Ravi.
Well thats Zuri's Chapter.
In the Next chapter shall explain more about Randy and Luke and why are the Boys of One Direction Vampires.

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