Chapter Twenty-Three: Lunch with Emma

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"I am sorry about Daniel," Emma apologised as she sat across from Gabriela, she hadn't been surprised when she had heard from her mother that Gabriela had paused with any wedding plans.

It had worried her when they had come home that Daniel would badger Gabriela into making a decision that she just wasn't ready for; she had noticed how unmatched the couple were after seeing Gabriela and Jacob together.

The last thing that Emma had ever wanted was for her best friend to be miserable, something that she felt would happen if she had married Daniel straight away after returning.

"It's not your fault... he's just being an idiot," Gabriela replied with a shrug of her shoulders, she hadn't spoken to Daniel since she had told him that she wanted to pause things for a moment to gather her thoughts.

They might have lived in the same apartment but they might as well have been living on the opposite sides of the world; Daniel would do anything to make sure he didn't have to speak with Gabriela.

Emma nodded her head and sipped on her coffee, she was hopeful that this would make Gabriela think about what she might be missing if she stayed with her brother.

Her own relationship had left Emma with a lot of thoughts about Gabriela and Daniel, she couldn't help but fear that it would be a mistake to completely discount Jacob from all of this.

"How are things with Embry?" Gabriela asked not wanting to discuss how dreadful things were with Daniel right now and she feared that this might be over for them.

This was not how she had wanted to end between them but Gabriela could be relieved that they weren't married and that this couldn't end with her getting divorced.

Emma stared at Gabriela for a moment, she was here if she wanted to talk about it even if she was Daniel's sister; she would always be Gabriela's best friend.

"Things are good," Emma conceded with a massive smile on her face as she thought about her boyfriend, they spoke on the phone every night and she couldn't imagine her life without him in it.

She didn't care how upset Daniel got over the fact that she was dating Embry, he didn't know him and he was being childish by treating Gabriela as if she had no right to take time to think about what she wanted.

"I was actually planning on going to see him in a few weeks," Emma mused with a smile, she would have to wait until half-term to do so but she was looking forward to having some time with him when there was nothing for them to be worried about.

They had even talked about the situation that had occurred between Gabriela and Jacob; both agreeing that things had changed between the two and they needed to talk about it.

There had been so much left unsaid because Daniel had showed up like he had and whisked them back to California; Jacob had still been wrapping his head around the fact his own relationship had fallen apart only a couple of days before.

"I'm happy for you Emma," Gabriela insisted with a smile, she doubted that her own happy ending would be that easy especially with Daniel acting like she had the plague right now.

It wasn't making the decision that she was going to make any easier, she had a feeling that this was only going to end in tears and she hoped that he wouldn't hate her even more for it.

Emma offered her a small smile, she could see it on Gabriela's face that a decision had been made and she didn't care what her brother said; he had brought this on himself especially when he had been treating her like dirt since she had returned.


Arriving home from work, Gabriela sighed seeing that the apartment was in complete darkness and she wasn't even surprised that Daniel wasn't home yet; he never was now and she was growing tired of it.

It had been a month since she had put a hold on their wedding plans while she tried to sort her head out; she hadn't wanted to make some mistake and now she was glad that she had.

Setting her bag down on the counter, Gabriela couldn't help but wonder when she would see Daniel; she wanted to talk to him before things went any further.

It was time for them to call time on their relationship if he was going to continue to act like a child every time that he didn't get his own way; she had never thought she would have to deal with this.

Gabriela didn't want to continue like this and she knew that it might have seemed odd to anyone who didn't share her beliefs that she had run off to La Push to go on some trip with a guy that she hadn't seen in years.

Some would even put it down to cold feet on her wedding day but Gabriela knew that she had never been unfaithful to Daniel and she was growing tired of him constantly playing the victim card all the time.

Heading for the kitchen, Gabriela wondered if there was anything in for her to eat; she was starving and her shift seemed to have lasted forever.

She hadn't eaten since her lunch with Emma and she hadn't really had much since she only had an hour for her break; the hospital food was terrible and she would never eat their willingly unless she had no other options.

Opening the fridge, Gabriela clicked her tongue as she stared at the contents before she shook her head deciding that maybe ordering take-out might be better.

It had been a long day and she was likely to be eating alone anyway, she moved to find the menu so that she could order some food and get comfortable for the evening.

After she had ordered some food, Gabriela moved to put the television on so that there was some sound in the apartment; she hated being home alone and she cursed Daniel for being such a child.

He had never acted like this before when they'd had a fight and Gabriela got the feeling that his actions were mainly driven by the approval of his friends who would all think that she had been unfaithful to him.

It annoyed her and Gabriela doubted that she would ever be able to forget how he had treated her; she just didn't see the point in their relationship anymore if this was going to happen all the time.

Shaking her head as she went to get changed out of her uniform, Gabriela wondered how everyone would react to the news that she was going to end things completely with Daniel.

There would be some that would certainly be displeased with her actions, however Gabriela found it hard to care about what they thought and she wanted to move on with her life not waste more time on something that clearly meant nothing to Daniel.

Entering the bedroom, Gabriela frowned when she noticed that the curtains were closed and the room was pitch black; she remembered opening them quite clearly when she had gotten up that morning and headed out for work.

Her hands reached for the light switch and Gabriela paused for a moment when her hand met with something wet; she furrowed her brow as she flicked the light on wondering what she had put her hand in.

Gabriela stared horrified at the red liquid that covered the light switch and her fingers; she swallowed before turning her gaze to the bed regretting the action instantly.

There laying on their bed was Daniel, his throat had been slit and his organs had been pulled from his body and spread out across the bed; Gabriela screamed and stumbled back in horror.

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