- Harry -


"You sure you're okay?" I asked her one more time, Kendall seemed awfully quiet.

"Of course." She nods. "Could I go talk to her? I just really want to clear things out between us.'' She smiled faintly.

"Yeah sure. If she does anything else please tell me, alright?"

She nodded, kissing me on the cheek before turning around to go talk to her.

I craned my neck to see the scene, seeing she had approached her and they were talking.

Talking's good, I guess..

Blue's facial expression changed, and her body stiffened.

She remained stoical, Blue's eyes flickering from Kendall, to me.

"Yeah," I find her mouthing, as Kendall leaned in for a hug.

They were hugging. Wow, okay.




- Blue -


Me and Hannah were talking and laughing about my incident with Calum, before Hannah stopped laughing, her eyes widening.

"What?" I asked confusedly, she was staring at something behind me.

"Kendall's coming over here." She bit her lip.

My eyes widened too. I mean if she was looking for a fight, then she would get one.

Hannah pretty soon dispersed, not looking for any trouble for the night.

Me, I'd mess her up any day.

As she approached me, the soft look on her face soon turned into this rude one.

"Fuck you, you know that? You're not only playing Harry, but you're playing yourself. Harry is just too fucking blind to see that you're nothing but fake." I spat, my face remaining emotional.

"Ohh. Well we're both fake, here aren't we? I'm just the better actress.'' She sneered, eyeing me.

I soon got in her face, gritting my teeth. "By the end of this month, I'll make sure Harry finds out about your little game. He likes you a lot, and you're playing him."

But come to think of it.. It was kind of the same situation with me and Harry. I don't even know what I feel for Harry anymore, either it's hatred or.. That mushy, clichè feeling. But all he thinks of me, is one of those girls.

Ugh, I really wish I didn't have to have second thoughts about him.

"But apparently he thinks I'm right and you're wrong.. So I think we all know who's the better one here.'' She chuckled, raising her eyebrows. "I want you to get out of the fucking spotlight, Blue Anderson."

I clapped my hands, my hands slowly making their way on my hips. "Wow, bitch knows my last name! Deserves a fucking clap."

She rolled her eyes. Kendall turns around, Harry watching the both of us.

My face still remained emotionless.

"I hope we have an agreement."

"You're sick, you know that? We're both in this contract. And we have the same priorities."

"Get your head out of your ass will you." She snarled, fakely hugging me and lightly pushing me. "Disgusting."

"Wow is that a new boob job? Shit wait, there's nothing there. Good luck, Harry loves boobs.'' I smirked at my remark.

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