Road Trip - Chapter One

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I was happy but nervous. We fought a lot, but rarely in person because of the circumstances. Whenever we did fight in person, one of us would usually be leaving the next day because school was starting again and it would make us not talk to each other for days, sometimes weeks. I was stubborn and he would get depressed and not talk to anyone.

I already knew that there were going to be tears and yelling and possibly a lot of making out. I was excited for everything but there was a daunting feeling in my stomach that things could go very wrong very fast.

Either way, I drove my happy ass into the apartment complex where Derek lived and parked outside his building. The black minivan he told me about occupied his parking space. It was big, shiny and looked expensive. As I stepped out of my car, I saw that the van was already loaded and ready to go. The back was filled with so much crap, it made me nervous for what Derek had stored for me. I knew that he had planned this for a long time and wanted to keep most of it a secret but damn Derek.

I nervously played with my car keys and walked up the stairs to his door on the second floor. I took in a deep breath, knowing extremely well that I hadn't seen him in more than half a year, and knocked.

"Oh god," I whispered under my breath. "This feels like highschool all over again, amazing, Leo. And now I'm speaking to myself in third person."

The door opened and I swear to every gay emotional bone in my body I wanted to cry. It was like falling in love at first sight, except not really. Looking at Derek in front of me after so long felt almost unreal. I never thought this day would come, and daydreaming about it never helped either. It just always felt like a faraway dream I could never reach.

He was usually pale, but working so much outside from his construction job gave him a nice little warm color to his skin. He was still white as hell and his ass would probably shine a new moon, but it felt good to see some life in him. No dark circles under his eyes this time, his eyes were as beautiful as ever. He shaved his face, which . . . hell ya. But damn he looked good.


"Did you just Yaas me?" he asked, raising a brow.

"I swear that was a thought," I muttered.

"Not gonna lie this feels awkward." He felt awkward, yet he was looking up and down at me like this was an all you could eat Leoffet.

Awkward or not, I knew how hard this was for him. I leaned in and hugged him, squeezing hard. He returned it by wrapping his hands around my waist and kissing my cheek as lightly as a feather.

"You smell really good," I chuckled in his ear.

"You smell like ketchup."

"Yeah," I said, letting him go, "I was hungry so I ate a few packets of ketchup."



"Do you want food? Why would you eat packets of ketchup?"

"I didn't say it was a smart idea, I was just hungry and they were in my car."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Well, I'm still waiting for you to kiss me and stop being so awkward."

He looked me in the eyes, lifted my chin and pressed his lips against mine, parting our lips open to let his tongue in. I was thankful I was wearing anti-boner-revealer pants, so he would never know how excited this kiss actually made me. I just wasn't expecting that, I thought he was just gonna give me a quick kiss, not this poison to my human balance and weak knees.

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