Hey guys I'm trying my hand at a werewolf story.

Errr I'm nervous!! So just read it!


Chapter 1

Music blared around the large blue room as people danced together while drinking like teenagers. Half of these people are over twenty one. I am only twenty, which I think should count.

I brought the red cup filled with cheap beer up to my mouth.

"This is disgusting." I said with a sour expression

Kelly, my slightly insane friend nodded her head to the music causing her dark brown hair to shake over her face. Kelly is about five foot two, same height as me.

She was wearing a short blue ruffled skirt, spiky tan heels and a beige lace tank top that showed off her c cup boobs. She was a curvy girl who caused all guys to stare when she walks past them. Not to mention her shoulder length dark brown hair, perfectly tanned skin, light brown eyes.

"Dance with me Aubrey." she shouted as she downed her cup of alcohol

Before I could answer she grabbed my forearm and dragged me into the crowd of sweaty dancers. Kelly began shaking her hips to the beat, just slightly rubbing up against some guy behind her.

"Come on you look fucking sexy, just dance." she ordered

I looked down at my dark blue skinny jeans, one shoulder shimmery purple shirt and black open toe booties. My long blonde hair was in a messy ponytail which Kelly calls hoe tail.

It is a party. The corners of my mouth tipped upwards as I mimicked her moves. Kelly grabbed my hands and twirled me like I was a child. We danced together for a few songs not paying any attention to the people around us.

Hot Chile Rae's I Like It Like That came on which caused Kelly to scream like a groupie. She clutched my forearms and jumped up and down while singing along.

As I jumped with her I couldn't help but laugh at her slurred singing. She is wasted for sure.

"Holy shit look who's here." Kelly said

I turned in the direction to where Kelly was staring wide eyed. Leaning by the banister was a buff guy with wide shoulders, and thick forearms. He raked his large, lightly tanned hand through his dirty blonde hair as a wide smile spread across his face.

He was wearing a navy blue v neck, dark jeans and shiny black sneakers. My eyes widened not believing my eyes.

"What is Holden doing here?" I hissed

Kelly rolled her eyes. "It's a party Aub."

"No duh! I meant what is he doing in town?!"

Holden Clark my ex-boyfriend. We went out in sophomore year in high school for a few months. I really use to like Holden and he was a sweet boyfriend. Than he did a one eighty and became this complete douche!

Seriously he became a bully around school, he turned into a muscle headed ass and he treated my friends like crap.

I had enough and broke up with him. He tried getting me back all through out high school in between his weekly skanks of course.

After high school I heard Holden became an agent or undercover cop or whatever secret job he has now.

"Who cares! Holden is a sexy asshole who wants in your pants!" Kelly shouted a little too loud

Just than those dark brown eyes just happened to look over at me. I whipped back around trying to hide my face.

"He's coming over." Kelly laughed as I ducked my head down

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