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The sudden shaking and stopping of the elevator made both Nandini and Manik loose their balance. Manik was about to fall, but balanced himself by holding on to the railing beside the mirror on the elevator. Nandini on the other hand, had no such support, she fell landing on Manik. Even after the elevator came to a complete halt, they both were frozen in what looked like a hug.

Manik: Fangirls! All the same, want to through themselves on me.

Nandini moved away and responded.

Nandini: What did you say? Fangirl? Mister, I don't even know you or care about you or what you do. Do not ever consider me you 'fangirl.' Like why would a girl like me even listen to rock music?

Manik: Ah haan, so you do know me.

Nandini: No, I don't...

Manik: Oh then how do you know I am in a rock band?

Nandini was caught on her own lie. I am such a bad lier she thought.

Nandini: I saw you on the cover of MusicID magazine on the flight.

Manik: And...

Nandini: Nothing.

Manik: I mean, what did you think of me?

Nandini: How self obsessed can you be?

Manik: Whatever.

Nandini rolled her eyes and sat in one corner of the elevator, while Manik stood there watching her.

Manik: I hate girls like you.

Nandini: What did I do to to?

Manik: Who act as if they don't like me or my music.

Nandini: I am not lying when I say I have never heard your music or that I only saw your picture once.

Nandini checked her watch and it was nearly 7. It was time for the reception to start.

Nandini: Everyone will be having so much fun and I am stuck with this weirdo.

She mumbled.

Manik: Weirdo! Who do you think you are? Calling me such names!

Nandini: My cousin's reception is going on and I am stuck here with you. I need to be there for Navya.

Manik: So, that explains why you are dressed so elaborately.

Nandini found a help button on the elevator and pressed it, but nothing happened. She started to scream.

Nandini: HELP! HELP! HELP!

Manik: Stop!!!  so heres the deal. I will get you out of here and you have to come to my music concert tomorrow.

Nandini: And why would I want to do that?

Manik: Because you want to get out of here now...

Nandini: Ok fine, I will come to your concert.

Manik: Great...

Her cuteness and her craziness for calling for help when people outside couldn't hear intrigued Manik. He also wanted to prove to her that he was a good musician for some reason. Maybe because she didn't seem to care much for him, unlike most girls he had ever met. He moved closer to Nandini and placed his hands on her stomach, which was exposed through her sari.

Nandini: Leave me, what are you doing?

Nandini was affected by his touch. Nobody had ever touched her like that, she didn't know what to do. How dare he touch me, she thought.

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