The falling

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It was 12:00 at night and I decided to head to bed so I turned off my tv and went to bed. I was in a dream and I was falling because I tripped over a rock. So I was falling and falling and falling and I was assuming I would wake up, but surprisingly I didn't wake up! It felt like I was falling into a big hole of darkness... I got so scared I thought I would never wake up.

I was right I didn't instead I kept falling until I hit the ground. When I hit the ground it felt like I had just died because down in the darkness was people walking like they had just passed on too. So I decided to go up to one of them and decided to ask one of them a question. The people wouldn't answer me, it was like they had there mouths sewn shut with string or yarn.

I was paralyzed thinking I would soon be one of those people with their mouths sewn shut with new people coming in every night. I was walking back and forth thinking of what might've happened to me. And I kept thinking and thinking and I thought that maybe I was in 2 dreams and if I kept closing and opening my eyes I would just wake up. So I went to another person down in the darkness and Instead of not talking to me they punched me In the mouth.

I fell on the ground and woke up in reality... But something was different I woke up at a funeral And wanted to see which one of my relatives died, but instead it wasn't a funeral for my relative it was a funeral for me. So I guess it was true the fall in my "dream" killed me and I cried and cried and cried! Then all of sudden I started disappearing into mid air, and I was gone forever.

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