Part 1

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Liza Pov- Me and David were watching TV "I'm board" David groans. "I have one Idea but you may not like it" "what is it honey". He came closer to my ear and whispered l, "Suck my cock" I started smiling. He pulled down his pants and he slipped his cock through the hole in the boxers.

David Pov- She put my cock in her mouth I moaned so loud. I could feel were my cock was down her throat and feel her tough lick my tip. I grabbed her head and made her stop, I pulled down her pants and started eating her ass.

Liza Pov- He started eating my ass, I moaned. All you could here was muffles from my ass. I could feel his tough in my asshole. He stopped and put his HUGE cock in my ass, it hurt but yet I felt so good.

David Pov- Once I put my cock in her asshole I felt it tighten, and I felt amazing. I spanked her she likes it when I do that. I kept pulling out and back in and you could here a clap noise everytime that happens. I pulled out and flipped her over I stuck my cock in her pussy.

Liza Pov- Once he stuck it in me we moaned at the same time. You could
tell he was really enjoying are time. I moaned "I'm almost there Daddy" he replied "Same I feel it about to escape me" I made him pull about the. I put is cock in my mouth.

David Pov- When she put my cock in her mouth I dropped a huge load In her mouth and she showed me when she swallowed it. I put my pants and shirt on and she walked me to the door and she said "I loves what happen we have to do it more often" and I replied "I'm always here when you need me"

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