What If You Switched Genders [Various]

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Kinda sexual. KINDA. like they talk about s** and b**bs a lot but it's all for banter ^^;



Hinata Shoyo

"Hina-chan!! Hina-chan!!" You shouted, trying to wake up the orange-haired girl who looked a lot like Hinata.

The girl (boy) stirred and finally woke up. "What is it, (f/n)--"

The girl (boy) stopped when she realised there was a man beside her (him).

"UWAAAHH!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO (Y/N)!?" She (he) shouted out in a high pitched voice and started hitting you with pillows. "INTRUDER!! GET OUT!"

"Hina-chan, it's me! I'm (y/n)!" You said and held her (his) hands.

She (he) blushed at the contact and looked at you, realising you were topless, making the girl (boy) blush.


"Hina-chan, you look cute, even as a girl~" You teased.

The girl (boy) turned as red as a tomato and hid her (his) face in your fluffy pillows.

"D-Don't say that, it's embarrassing!"

"Hey," You poked Hinata. "Does this mean I can lead now?"

"W-WHA--" She (he) hit you square in the face with a nearby bra. "STOP SAYING EMBARRASSING THINGS!!"

Oikawa Tooru

"(F/n)-chan! Wake up!!" Oikawa shook the boy sleeping peacefully next to her (him).

Your eyes fluttered open and you were shocked to see a girl with a perfect body and beautiful locks that fell at her shoulders.
"W-Woah." Was all you could say before you realised that wasn't your voice.

"W-Wait, what?!" A deep voice..that was yours?

The girl (boy) in front of you, whom you didn't even bother to question, introduced herself (himself).

"(F/n)-chan," The girl (boy) said, trailing her (his) fingers up and down your chest. "It's Tooru~"

You blushed once you felt her (his) fingers slowly tickle your skin. "T-Tooru...we have to find a way to get back to normal!"

She (He) pouted cutely. "I don't want to! This gender is fun!"

She (He) grins. "Plus," Tooru comes closer to you. "(F/n)-chan is so hot as a guy."

You blushed when you felt her (his) breasts crushing your arm. "U-Um, Tooru.."

You point at her (his) chest and gulp nervously. "J-Just r-remove them.." Tooru's eyes wander down her (his) chest.

"I wonder what these feel like--"


Akaashi Keiji

"Huh?" Akaashi muttered as he saw what he looked like in the mirror. "Why do I have hills on my chest?" He asked, and he heard a manly shout follow after.

But it wasn't him who shouted.

"W-What is this?! M-My voice! K-Keiji--!"

You stopped when you saw a girl (boy) who had bored eyes and short black hair. He (she) snapped. "What?"

"W-Who are you?" You asked the stranger.

Keiji decided to mess with you and internally smirked. "You don't remember last night? You were amazing."

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