"Don't be. They are good people."

Not like you.

I stayed silent. Sometimes, I loved being alone with my own thoughts and this was one of those times. I sometimes wonder if I knew myself perfectly.

We all seemed to know others. We know their habits, their desires but do we really know ourselves?

We are so busy with others, we often forget about our own self. As if we are not worth it. As if a certain amount of time dedicated to each of our own self is not needed.

Maybe we really don't care about our own self. We only care about others and what they have.

But I noticed Vitale was not like us.

He didn't care about others. He cared about himself. He always thought about his own self first.

Many would tell he was selfish but no not really. He just loved himself enough to care about his own self. He didn't bother with other people's affair as long as it didn't concern him.

And I loved this nature if his. Because I truly wanted to be like him.

The car ride was silent and I juts loved the time I spent with him. We both didn't speak much but it was enough. Just being with him makes me happy. Knowing he was with me was enough to make me feel alive.

Maybe Maria was right, I truly changed whenever I was around him.

By the time we reached, I dozed off. I was slightly aware of the surroundings but not enough to make out what was really happening.

"Chanel." Someone shook my shoulder violently. I jerked awake.


"We've reached. C'mon." Was his reply.

I rubbed my eyes carefully because I didn't want the mascara Maria put on me to come out.

"Yeah. Wait." I carried myself out from the car and stood beside him, taking in the surroundings. In front of me was an average looking house.

There was nothing special about this house. The house as as simple as it could get. And somehow I had a feeling that everything about his parents would be normal.

The lawn was cleaned and there was a small garden. The front light could only give a small amount of light. We both walk up to the door and suddenly Vitale stopped in front of me.

"I need to tell you something."


"I have not met with my parents for almost two years now."

I blinked, "Why?"

He sighed before running his hand through his hair, "My father and I had a fight. They both then returned to Italy. This is their first time visiting here after two years."

I nodded. I wanted to ask him about what they both fought that they both left him?

But decided against it when I saw his face.

He already looked troubled enough. I didn't want to bring any unwanted memories.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked him.

He gave me a small and nervous grin. "Well.." He trailed off.

I narrowed my eyes at him warningly before folding my arms, "Let me tell you, I cannot die for you." I told him.

I was only half serious.

Maybe at one time I could also die for him but not now.

He rolled his green eyes,"Stop being dramatic. I only want you to tell a small lie."

"And that is?"

"I'll only tell if you agree." He told me.

I gave him a are-you-kidding?-look.

And he gave me a yes-I'm-serious- look.

I sighed and hugged myself when the cool breeze skimmed my skin, "Okay. Tell me fast what I have to do."

"Okay. You need to tell them that you are my fiancée."

"Oka- what?" I all but whispered. My heart was beating loudly and I feared that he might have heard it.

"Please? I don't want to screw this up. Please, Chanel. You just have to act that you love me. That is it."


I am in love with you. Everybody but you can see it. There is no reason to act.

If he thinks that I would be acting then he was going to see how much of a good actress I am.



Okay. I don't even know what I am doing with this book.

Anyways thanks for reading.


Christmas is near.

Anyone planning to do anything?

Idk what I'll do cause' we don't celebrate it but let's see what happens.

Again, thank you.


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