Okay guys I want to write another book and I have two ideas inside my head.

One is about against bullying. And the other one is about werewolf.
Which one will you guys prefer?

I'll write the book you guys prefer :)

Chapter- thirty three

I was nervous. No, I cheated and got caught type nervous.

It was that type of nervous that could suffocate you. My head and mind were filled with different types if scenario.

I pondered how his parents would be.

Would his parents be just like him?

Rude, arrogant, beautiful, and crazy?

Would they too have a story?

My mind also thought of whether they would like me or not.

I want them to like me.

I didn't want them to think I was just a mere child that could do nothing. Because everyone thought that.

And also I was very socially awkward. I just didn't have in me the wonderful ability to converse easily at the beginning.

I also wondered if they both loved Vitale. If they were proud of their son, of what he turned out to be. Ruthless, impulsive and everything bad but yet if you search deep enough you would find something good.

He was clever, cared about his loved ones, calculative and loyal but were these good qualities enough to overshadow his bad ones?

Certainly not.

But I deep down I knew they both did love him. Parents were always proud of their children. They loved us, forgiving our faults, ignoring our imperfections.

Parents were our greatest treasure.

And how cruel it was that I had none.

My parents would not have been proud of what I turned out to be but certainly they would have loved me. And I truly wanted someone to love me.

I wanted someone to love me as I was. Not because I was beautiful or because I was talented but because I was me.

"You are silent." I didn't say anything because I didn't have to. He observed me and said what was true. It was not a question. It was a statement.

"What happen?" He asked.

"I'm nervous." I said. My eyes watching the beautiful scenery unfolding in front of me. The wind kissed my face and played with my hair.

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