A new school, a new power

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Dedicated to my 50th fan!!!!! A wonderful girl who we are glad is part of our lives everyday! I love our conversations about passion and what you can make happen. 


This is my first teen fiction book and from the feedback I need to put in more detail, I'll work on that as I go. Please comment and vote if you like and if you don't like it comment so I can improve. Writing is such a passion of mine I really want to create great books for people to read.

***I've done some editing this time, thanks for the feedback***** 


Moving is difficult, you'd think after all the times we have moved that we would be used to it by now. But that's not the case, I feel nervous about meeting people. My stomach feels like a party of butterfly's fluttering around inside. I wonder how we will be accepted. Especially when starting a new school there are people to sort through, people that you like, people you won't and in our case people that could be looking for us. 

The questions were annoying people wanted to know everything. Where did you move from? Why did you leave your last place? How come you move so much? Running from the devil was the answer but how could you tell anyone that? We would just reply mum's job and that would be that. But the painful thing this time was that mum wasn't with us. She died and now it was the four of us. My name is Chaleur, it's French, well, sort of French. The true French word is La Chaleur and it means heat. A little strange that my mum would name me heat. My sisters and I are all named after an element of the earth.  

It seems so unreal to be here without our mum, her death seems so false like any minute she'll jump from behind a door and say 'tricked you' or even just walk in and give us one of her famous hugs- the ones that made us feel like we were the only person in the world and everything was simply fine. But sadly she is dead, killed protecting us from our father and now we are running again. When would this stop, the running, the hiding? I was so frustrated with watching over our shoulders all the time. However, our mother taught us how to control our emotions because our emotions were tied to our powers and using our powers created vibrations in the earth- vibrations that people -evil people were searching for so they could find us. So if we didn't control our emotions all hell would break loose or at least all hell would come searching for us. We needed to protect ourselves otherwise we could end up like our mum. 

Walking into our new school, the grass was lush green dew drops had settled on it. I look over at my sisters and wonder if they felt the same way -another town, another school, for who knows how long? Until our father and his disciples find us. We do try to blend in however being a quadruplet it's a little hard to blend in. My sisters and I have our mum's looks, she had been a stunning women. Wherever we walked heads would turn. My sister Moana is blonde with a bob hair cut, but Aria and Tierra both have stunning black hair that reached half way down their back just like mine. Alone we stand out, but together we are hard to miss it makes blending in difficult.  

The only good thing about starting new schools is that we have each other. Most schools do separate us through our classes but we sit together at lunch and arrive and leave together. Safety in numbers! After heading to the office and getting our class schedules. We compared classes and it looked like this year I was going to be a loner, my sisters shared Physical Education classes. They all had amazing sporting abilities that I did not possess so I was glad not to be in their classes. Moana & Tierra shared another two classes and Aria and Moana two as well. We walked through the lunch area and agreed to meet in a spot under the trees for lunch. Then we split up and head for our first classes. 

I walked into the first classroom, English with Mrs. Hungly. Everyone was already seated. Mrs Hungly made the usual song and dance about 'the new girl' Chaleur - she pronounced it cha-law instead of Shar-leur, as expected everyone says it incorrectly. Everyone shuffled in their seats boys looking up no longer looking as board as they were. Girls looking at me with a look of distaste competition had just entered the school! I smiled and walked towards the only empty seat at the back of the room to the very right. When I sat I notice the guy sitting next to me, who wouldn't notice this guy he was stunning! Yum! He had jet black hair, blue eyes and no boy should have a body like that! He had to be Mr Popularity of the school, I thought.  

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