Chapter 2

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As I walked down the halls and heard nothing, I thought to myself how would I approach things? Should I just run in and stab everyone? Or should I make it interesting? I need to boost my score in the game. 

Suddenly a scream arose down the hall and interupted my thoughts. I immidetely turned. A girl stood there. She was tall with long blonde hair that went to her waist and a head band holding it in place. She had on a tight pair of blue jeans with brown ugs and a red shirt with a heart that fell half off of her shoulder. Her face was pale and her eyes were wide with fright. Those deep blue scared eyes. She stood no more than 20 feet away and she was frozen in place. Then I started walking towards her. She jolted out of a gaze and ran upstairs into some classroom. Later. Back to my thoughts. 

I know what I want to do. 

I took off my mask and hid is under my shirt. I brushed off some dried blood and put my knife in my pocket, covering the top with my shirt. I fixed my hair and wiped the twisted look off of my face. I walked to the boys locker room and opened it. I ran inside and hid behind something. Everyone knew there was a psycho killer but not many people know its me. I heard some rustling and someone came out. He had short brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and some nike shoes. He saw me hiding for my life with a fear expression on my face and started coming towards me. 

"we're safe guys," he said looking around. 

Then, two more guys came out, one from behind a locker and another from behind the garbage. Wow, I deffinetely wouldn't have been able to find them there. One was wearing a green sweatshirt and sweatpants but he was hot. The other... was the leader of the assholes. Yes! Then the leader was ready to speak.

"oh god, get out of here, this is our hiding spot." 

"Hey, dont be a douchebag," the first one I saw said. I think his name is Luke.

I dont know the others name so he can be named 'other'. Wow, I am so creative. Just about as creative as other and leaders hiding spots. I smacked on a crying face and spoke with fear. 

"Oh my god. I saw a girl get killed. It was horrible! I think he saw me and so I ran here! I am so scared!"

"So you came here! Get out!" Leader spoke with fright. Good, be scared asshole. 

"Wait, lets not jump to conclusions. Mabye you lost him. Also, Brandon, not a good time to be a douchebag, quit it!" Luke spoke.

So leaders name is Brandon? Luke was nice. I don't think I want to kill him. I have another thing in mind for him. Other is bothering me, hes too quiet. I want to stab him. I will. 

I stood up and walked to the door, put a garbage can in front of it and walked back. 

"Good idea. Now he won't be able to get in because when we hear something all three of us can hold the door closed!" Luke said. 

"Not what I was going for," I stated with a monotone. 

I put my mask on and held out the knife. A terrified expression came over all three of them. They were stuck, in a locker room, with a psycho killer. Stupid Brandon jolted to the stalls and hid in there. He can be last. Good thing Luke is small, I can fit him in a locker while I take care of the others. 

"Please don't. I was being nice to you. What did I do?" Luke asked. 

"Nothing. Come here," I motioned over to me. 

He shook his head 'no' and backed up. I put the knife in my pocket and started at them. Other ran back to the lockers and stood there, quietly. Really? 

I grabbed Lukes arm and pulled him to a locker, shoved him in and closed it. Brandon was still in the stall. I grabbed the sexy man and pulled my rope off my waist. 

"What are you doing?" Other said. 

"Your sexy. Lets bang baby," I said with a creepy smile and a wink.

"I don't like men," he said scared of the results. 

"You do now if you want to live," I said as I walked to him and knelt down. 

He didn't try to stop me because he wanted to live. I unzipped his pants and pulled it out. Its big enough. I started sucking it and you could tell he liked it. Two minutes pass and we finish so I stood up and kissed him, reaching my hands around grabbing his ass. He has a nice ass. 

"You're a freak. You know that?" He accsued me. 

"Im whatever you want me to be," I said as I grabbed his ass once more and pushed him away. 

He ran out. Probably scarred for life, but then again, that was my goal. I heard Brandon start coming out of the stall and this was going to be violently fun. 

"Marco, " my sweet voice arose out of me. No answer?

"Marco," This time with a montrous voice that had him jumping, "You're supposed to say POLO!" 

"Polo," he said scared. Good. 

"Thats better. I always hated, " Sweet to monstrous, "cheaters!" 

I walked towards him and grabbed his arm. I threw  him to the floor and pulled out my rope. This is going to be grousome. I tied one hand to the stall door and another to a stall door 2 stalls down. I pulled him pants off, of course, baby penis. Then I chuckled, making him feel embarrassed. I went behind him, slapped his ass and heard him yelp. I pulled out my knife and...

"OWWW," he screamed in agony, "OH MY GOD THIS HURTS SO BAD!" 

He started to cry as I shoved the knife up more. He started screaming and bleeding. I pulled it out and started cutting his clothes off. Once he was naked, I took some pictures and sent them to everyone so they could know what he looked like naked. So cool under the clothes and a baby penis without them on. Thats what douchebags get for being mean to others for no reason. 

"Bye there, this is going to feel so good," I said with a smirk. 

I jabbed the knife in his stomach and pulled it out. I carved a smiley face around the stab wound and kept him like that. Now I walked over to Luke and pulled him out of the locker.

"I have a... proposition, for you," I offered him.

"What is it?" 

"You say this," I help up a paper with writing on it, "on camera for the school to see, and I will personally open the doors for you." 

"Absolutely," he said without hesitation. 

I tied his hands with the rope and walked him to the camera room. I made an announcement over the system to turn on all television sets. I assumed some listened to me and so we started. I turned on the camera and hit connect, then he read. 

"This message was written from the perspective of whoever is killing you. Pretend I am him now. This is my game. My favorite game. One I have mastered in my head and am playing for the first time in person. You all hated on me. You all called me names. Now its my turn. You all better hide. In good spots. I will not tell you the order in which the levels are placed but I am on level 4 now I believe. If you don't know who I am, good. If you do, don't spoil it please. My intensions are good. No im kidding. My intensions are just for killing random people because its fun. Its too late to be nice now. You're all screwed. Hehe. Goodbye for now"

He got up and walked away. I turned off the camera and we walked out of the room. I stopped at my locker to unlock the door and he ran out. I locked it back up and walked down the halls. I saw a girl with bright red hair and green/ brown eyes. She had on a pink and white striped shirt that fell half off of her shoulders and tight black jeans with a few rips, oh and converse. She walked up to me. Not scared. No fear in her eyes, as she formed a grin on her face. I looked at her arms all cut up and knew what she wanted. That evil glare told all. As she approached me, she spoke with a serious tone.

"Can I play the game?" 

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