Chapter Twelve» Kuwait

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As the days passed, my time at home became shorter and shorter. Unable to face reality, I dismissed the idea that tomorrow I would be leaving for Kuwait. Just the thought of moving away from here, to live in a country I've never been, had my insides turning. Truth be told, I was merely dreading the idea more of being in a house with Ammar than moving to Kuwait.

The thought of him, had me tensing. He seemed so mysterious. He was always smiling yet he didn't reveal much. In the few days I knew him in, he valued his privacy deeply.

After that call, he hadn't called back and neither had I called him. Even though, by religion and law he was my husband. I've never see him as such and I don't think I ever will. With him, I was just married by name and nothing more. I mentally thought, looking at Saif sitting in front of me.

His face remained expressionless,  yet within his eyes. A storm was taking place. He looked calm yet something about the way he stared at his hands. Told another story.

I had been wrong to judge Saif. He wasn't a bad person, in fact quite the opposite. I knew why he had left Naina on the wedding day, and his reasons weren't selfish. Just remembering his words had a wavering feeling dawning on me.

"How would you feel, If your brother was batshıt crazy for the woman you were going to marry." He had said. His voice firm yet a far away look in his eyes.

It was true. Even if Omar made Naina go through hėll back. He was crazy for her, like a starved man on the Sahara dessert.

Inhaling softly, I asked.  My voice firm, my eyes never leaving his." Do you, like Naina?" I started seeing a smile plaster his features, his head shaking.

" I do like her, but only as a sister. If I had married her then maybe it would've  been different, but no. I don't like her in that way"  he stated firmly. His greenish Brown eyes staring at me, making me look down.

" Why did you marry that woman, Sania? " I asked remembering his first wife. She was a sweet woman,  soft spoken with a smile on her face. I thought, Saif and her would last forever but within the year. They got divorced, leaving the entire family shocked.

" Thought I liked her, who knew she only wanted me for money" he spoke. His face morphed in to a disgusted look. Making me tense. Saif never talked about his personal life, he was always so secretive yet as I stared at him. I didn't  see the once confident flirtatious spoilt boy, but rather a man. Who had been through hėll and back.

" Mum wants me to get married you, know" he spoke. His voice faraway, as though just the thought of getting married again pained him. The familiar feeling washed over me,  the very one I had experienced, before. I knew how he felt. I knew what he was going through.

" Is there someone you like? " I whispered softly. Seeing his head snap upwards. His features twisting. Suddenly, I regretted asking him such question as he inhaled sharply. Looking around the large courtyard.

" Does it matter? " he asked. His eyes glancing at mine, making me tense slightly. Unsure of that statement. A heavy silence fell on us as Saif remained quiet. His gaze directed at his hands and his hands clenched tightly.

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