I went out and started to walk to the bus station.Since I live 20 min away from Dublin it takes me a lot of time to get to school.

Bus ride was quiet.

I kinda can't believe that I'm going to school after a month or so.I hate school.But,there is something or someone I'm very excited to see.Get him out of your head!

I remember when I first came to the school.It was just an ordinary high school my parents choose for me.They could pick the one that was 10 min away from me,but Dublin's state high school was apparently the best for me.It's a typical high school.It has those 'grups' like 'popular one' , 'geeks' ,then some normal people,jocks,and then there is this group..they are popular..i guess.At least the hang out with the popular group.They are the 'troublemakers' of the school.When I came to the school J's friend (who is a year older) said the most amazing cliché "Stay away from them."I did what she told us...I think.My school has two flors and few classrooms a part from the actual building.And there is a big window on the stairs  which has a nice view.When I have a break or something I like to watch them.It's sick I know.Sometimes J. and Hanna watch them with me.They are really interesting.Two years older than us,actually one is a year older and one of them dropped a year.Few of them have tattoos,two smoke...or three I'm not sure.They are also very good looking.And two are very much taken by two..khhm..bitches.'Popular bitches.'
The reason I watch them all the time is......I don't know.Maybe it's this : the first day of school I saw one of them jumping,greeting everyone.He has blonde hair and asdfghjkl!He was just so incredibly...something.He is handsome,cute,adorable...but he has that 'one thing.' I'm still trying to figure out what that is.For the past year I've been observing him.I really sound like a freak.And I've haven't seen him for an entire summer.
I just arrived two streets away from the school.Hanna is already waiting for me.I ran from the bus into her hug.She smells so nice.I haven't seen her for two weeks,because she was in London visiting her grandmother,
"Where is J. Hanna?"
"She'll be here soon.You excited?"
"Okay.It's school Hanna,there is nothing to be excited about."
"Not school silly!You know..." She smiled at me very cheeky.
"Well maybe I don't know what are you talking about." Yeah right.
"Mhm..not buying your crap.I was talking about Niall."          

J.just came hugging as both.She started talking about the past two weeks in Belfast with her family while we were walking towards the school.J. was still talking and I was behind the two of them searching for one pair of blue eyes.Yes,I am completely crazy.But I haven't seen him in such a long time.We've reached the school and started to greet some people.I turned around and saw everybody except him.First day of school and he is already late.Why do you care?Yes,I don't care.Do I?No,no and no.People started to move towards the school entrance.
"Could we wait a bit..I don't wanna get killed in that." I pointed to the crowd entering the school.
"Sure..I guess." J.said to me and Hanna was laughing at me.
After few minutes we could finally enter the school.J. went first,Hanna following her.I took my bag from the floor and ran towards them.Doors were about the shut(because I thought I was faster) on me,but they stand still.I turned around and met those piercing blue eyes.He was looking directly at me.
"T-tt-thanks" He nodded.I don't even know how did I move.He ran in a different direction.And I just stood there.This was the closest we've ever been.I think I'm shaking.The way his eyes looked at me.It was nothing special,but...wow.Hanna and J. were similing at me.
"Are you alive Bella?" J. came closer to me
"I think."  No,I'm very much not okay.Niall Horan was few inches away from me.Just...no.
Hanna and I had literature at classroom number 5.Prof.Walsh's literature a.k.a boring as hell.But Hana loves it...Shakespeare and all of that.I couldn't stop thinking about what just happend.Hanna was whispering something to me.
"Miss O'Neill !" Hanna jumped from her chair.She was always the most amazing student..and having her names called on the first day of school....not good.But it's really funny.Her face is so red.
"Since your one of my best students you won't get detention.And Miss Gallagher you should pay more attention." What did I do?
Finally the bell rang I just went out and made my way towards the window.The window.It was my tradition..kinda.I need to see him before I go home.And I need help,because I'm not normal.This is called stalking.I'm just looking at him.
"Bo!" J.tickled me and I jumped a little.
"Do you see him?" Hanna asked me
"Hanna do you see Harry?His curls are gone!!" J.whisper/screamed at Hanna
"A-a this is so unfair!Ahhhgr!" They are so funny.Both of them like Harry.He is a year older than us.Harry is very tall,probably the tallest of the 'gang',he has emerald green eyes,few tattoos and a charming smile.He is well known for his famous smirk.There's no girl in the school who doesn't fancy him.To be honest,all 5 of them are breathtaking.But to me,it's Niall.Piercing blue eyes,dirty blonde hair..the way he smiles or walks.The way he looked at me today.
Hanna and J. are fighting over Harry.If I was them I'd fight over Liam.He is the only one who seems nice..okay except the fact he's smoking.He has chocolate brown eyes and a very cute face.He is all cute even with 2-3 tattoos.And he is dating one of thebitchy cheerleaders,Sophia.Louis is the oldest and he 'droped a year.'Louis seems funny.He has blue eyes(but not like Niall),he is a bit short.Of course he has tattoos.His girlfriend,Eleanor is nice.She is popular but when there's no one around she is very nice,Hanna knows her.And he is okay I guess.Zayn is the one I'm actually afraid of.He is tall almost like Harry.He is olive tan(it sounds funny i know),he has thick black hair styled in a quiff.Too much tattoos fo someone at the age of 18.And he smokes too much.His eyes are brown almost black.I'm just afraid of him.When I looked at all five boys...they are a bit scary.Tall,tattooed,always serious.The only thing that saves them is the fact they're hanging out with the popular kids.Hanna snapped me out of my thoughts.
"This will be an interesting year."
"I guess." I added
"Bella?" J.asked me
"Let the staring season begin."

I'm not from an English speking country so I'm sorry for my mistakes!

I hope you will like my story.I decided to write it because there is not enough Niall punk stories.
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I dedicate this story to "J. and Hanna" I love you two! <3

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