Valentine's Day- Max and Noah

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                “Noah!” I cried in annoyance. “What?” he whined. “You took my Arnold Palmer, didn’t you?” “…Maybe.” I rolled my eyes at him and held my hand out. “Noah, may I please have my drink back?” He shook his head stubbornly and pulled out my drink. He opened it and took a swallow. “MINE! FUCK DA POLICE!” he screamed and turned to run from me.

                Pierce caught him and raised an eyebrow. “Mine!” he snapped and yanked it out of Noah’s hands. “No! I don’t want the herps!” I cried as Pierce took a sip. He pouted at me. “I don’t have the herps!” he whined and tossed me my Arnold Palmer.

                I laughed and sipped on my drink. Noah bounced over and kissed my cheek. I wrapped an arm around his waist and smiled at him. “So what are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?” Pierce asked curiously, sitting down at one of the park’s picnic tables.

                Noah and I sat down together and shrugged at the same time. “I don’t know,” I said. “What about you?” Pierce also shrugged. “I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.”

                “Hey guys!” Owen greeted, walking towards us. His eye was black and blue, but he had a casual smile on his face. God his stepdad disgusted me.

                Owen sat down next to Pierce. “What about you Owen? What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” I asked. He thought for a minute before also shrugging. “I don’t know. I’m a single pringle, so I’ll probably just end up babysitting the brat while my mom and Will go out to dinner.”

                “Guys, we’re so cool. Owen and I are single, and you two don’t have plans. Fuck yea Valentine’s Day!” Pierce cheered and we laughed. “Oh, who cares? It’s just another day. Being all adorable one day a year is stupid. Do that every day!” Noah said with a bright smile before kissing me.

                “Yea, okay Noah. Your idea of romantic is buying Max a box of Gobstoppers,” Owen pointed out and Noah frowned. “Hey, I thought that was sexy as fuck. Little balls in his mouth. Preparing him, you know?” he said and I rolled my eyes.

                “Oh hot damn. I’ll be right back guys, I need to buy Maxi some Gobstoppers,” Pierce said, waggling his eyebrows at me. I sighed. “You guys are gross!” I whined and they laughed at me.

                We hung out together at the park for a little before we all headed home. I went to bed after watching a movie with my parents, wondering if Noah and I would do anything for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

                In the morning, I got up and took a quick shower. My phone rang and I answered it. “Hello?” I asked. “Hey Maxi! Come outside!” Noah said eagerly. I rolled my eyes but threw on some clothes before heading outside.

                Noah was sitting in his mom’s car with her. I climbed in the backseat and they both greeted me. “Where are we going?” I asked. “My house! Duh, fool!” Noah said, shaking his head at me. “Oh Noah, just shut up,” his mom said, laughing.

                We got to his house and went up to his bedroom. Noah held up Austin Powers Goldmember and I laughed and shook my head at him. “Okay, okay,” I said and sat on his bed. He put the movie on and came to cuddle up with me. We watched the movie, laughing and smiling.

                When it ended, Noah got up and went to his closet. He dug around before coming out holding a brown bag filled with tissue paper. He handed it to me and shrugged innocently. “Go on, Max,” he said with a smile.

                I ripped out the tissue paper and smiled at Noah. He had gotten me a box of Gobstoppers, an Arnold Palmer, and a $50 hat I had talked about wanting last week.

                “Aw Noah!” I said and held my arms out to him. He came into them, sitting on my lap. I kissed him deeply. “I love you so much Noah,” I whispered sincerely. “Ditto, kiddo,” he said before pressing his lips back to mine.

                I reached in my pocket and pulled out a small, wrapped box. I handed it to Noah and he rolled his eyes before opening it.

                “Aw, you cliché mother fucker,” he said and kissed me deeply as he pulled out the gold chain with an “N” on it. He had talked about wanting that a month ago. I had bought it to give to him on Valentine’s Day. It had cost me a ton of money, but I didn’t care. Noah was beyond worth it.

                We hugged and kissed lovingly. “Max?” “Yea, Noah?” “If Pierce gave you the herps, did I just get them too?” “Yes, Noah.” He smiled and kissed me, his arms wrapped around my neck and mine around his waist. “I love you,” we whispered at the same time. “Happy Valentine’s Day Maxi,” Noah said before kissing me again. 

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