Saphira's Nightmare

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Saphira opened her eyes. Everything around her was cast in a grey-blue light. The moon flickered behind grey-purple clouds that swiftly moved along. The Faery Dog shivered. Before her was a grey stone portal between dark grey rock walls covered with climbers of grey-green leaves.

Behind and next to Saphira everything was black nothingness.

She breathed deeply and walked through the portal. The walls were identical to the ones outside. Fog clung eerily to the ground. She realised that she was in a maze. She also knew that the only way out, was through. All the different shades of grey made her uncomfortable. Perhaps that was the reason why she was struggling to find her way.

Around a corner she suddenly saw the Faery Queen in a white dress that looked like it was made of bubbles, her flame red hair floating around her.

Saphira ran forward to confront the Fae in her role in her mother's death. Before she was close enough to yell, the maze walls moved and she lost sight of the Faery Queen.

Furious, she sniffed the air to find the Faery. She had to confront her. She'd postponed it for years for several reasons. But now she could do what she'd wanted to do for so long.

Blindly she ran down each path and dead end hallway. She would find the Faery Queen, no matter how long it took.

The grey darkness was suddenly replaced by grey-brown stone walls and a yellow floor. The walls weren't covered by climbers, but by mirrors in gaudy gold frames. Saphira's reflection wasn't the expected black-and-tan of a Faery Dog, but the different shades of grey of a death Fae. She shivered and walked on.

The hallway ended with a huge mirror. At first it looked like she'd come to another dead end, but in the mirror she saw the Faery Queen. She looked behind her and saw nothing. She realised that it wasn't a real mirror and broke through it.

She expected the Faery Queen on the other side. But she only found empty grey-white walls. She hastened through it. The ground gave in and she landed in a maze made of the expected green brush. The sky above her was grey with flashes of colour.

The aroma of wisteria reached her and she moved faster: she knew that it was the Faery Queen's favourite flower.

She ran. Blossoms grew unnaturally on the planted fence. She landed in an opening – the middle of the maze – and it was full of trees and other plants in bloom.

It was beautiful. It was Faerie.

The Faery Queen stood in the middle. Saphira gave a step closer and suddenly the wind picked up. It blew all the colour and blossoms away. The ground shook and the fence pushed up against her and threatened to swallow her.

She closed her eyes. Silence. She opened her eyes and found that she's back in the grey stone maze of earlier.

The wind didn't blow here. She turned in a circle and saw an ice-mirror. Inside she saw that Faerie was broken. The Faery Queen was in her castle with very little land around it. The Faery Dog queen had her castle and the land that had always belonged to their kind. The Faery King had his dark castle and the dark lands around it where all the villains of Faerie lived.

But the rest of Faerie was gone. Faerie like Saphira knew it was destroyed. Delicate snowflakes fell from the dark grey sky.

It could be ash. All that's left of the world she came from...

Saphira woke with a start.

She was in the bed in the room she'd been sharing with Eolande for years. Everything was covered in grey darkness.

The Faery Dog crept out of her bed and stood in front of the dark window. Eolande was sleeping peacefully. Everything was dark and quiet outside the castle. Saphira stared into nothingness. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep after her nightmare.

Especially because it had felt so real.

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