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Sex with justin bieber

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It's 7:00 am!!!!!i am going to be late for school mr.gonzales said that if I am late again he is going to give me 5 detentions !!!I got dressed and brush my teeth and hair and I was ready.I always walk to school .My mom and dad went to Florida and I am in New York all by my self !!I went to school.there is a new kid .I went over to his desk and I said hi my name is Amanda .He said"hi my name Igor ".I went over to my desk and there is a hot boy .And he sits next to me.Class started.A note slipped on my desk .It's said"to:Amanda from:justin and inside it said come to my house today.?i said ok and slipped the note over to him. SKIPPED TO AFTER SCHOOL........ I went to his house and I knocked on the door .He opened the door .his parent were on vacation too.This was award .he said come up to my room.I said ok.i going up the stairs then I look back He was stairing at my but.I turn back around I opened the door to his room .I sit down on his bed .Inside of my head I said I am in the hottest guy in school .house.He walk in.he said "i like you" . I said "what"he said "yeah sorry I didn't tell you earlier"I said"its ok" he said"lay on the bed"i said "what is wrong with you "he said"i said get on the bed!!"I said "ok fine".layed on the bed and he got ontop of me .he kissed me then he got off of me and he said "This will your home until your parents come back.then he said"i am going fuck you up so hard tomorrow you won't even be able to walk. Skip to after school .he took me to his house .Outside we started kissing he open the door and went up the stairs .he threw me on his bed.we started to kiss more rough then he took off my shirt and then I did the same thing to him.then he took my skirt off and then I took off his pants we were half naked .then he took off my bra .letting him see my boobs . he suck on one of my boob and then on the other .then he took of my panty.showing a clit to him.then I took off his boxers letting me see his dick .we were fully naked .he put his full dick inside off me.then I moaned load.then he did it with his tongue .next morning I tryed to
get out of the bed but a hand got me .then he said "I fucked you up so hard last night try walking "I got up and try walking ouch!!!i screamed it hurts ."I told you". It's Saturday .justin said"did you like what we did last night" i said "kinda".Sorry this story is short but follow me.i will make other stories comment plz . bye!

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