Still Loyal

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"Well first off we come from the Moon River pack. We left a few months ago, but when I heard about you taking over Burning Embers I knew we might finally have a chance." Pausing she takes a deep breath before continuing.

"After I heard about how the Moon River Alpha submitted to you during the Alphas meeting, I knew I made the right choice."

"How did you hear about that?"

"News travels fast" I could tell there was more by the was she avoided my gaze, choosing instead to pick imaginary lint from her shirt.

"That it does but I'm curious as to how you got the information, I understood Alpha meetings were supposed to be private."

She shrugged, "They are, but there are those who are still loyal. They bring news of the Moon River pack to the rogue responsible for the recent attacks who then spreads it to their people who intern spreads it to whomever they know. Eventually it was passed on to me."

"What do you mean by 'there are those who are still loyal' ?"

"I should probably wait until... well I guess I have just as much right to tell her as anyone..." quietly mumbling to herself and staring off into space for a few minutes before finally coming to some kind of a conclusion. Nodding her head she turns her attention back to me before continuing on with her tale.

"The Alpha of Moon River is not the true Alpha. The true Alpha never found his mate so he mated with a mateless she wolf and they had a daughter, then the Luna found her mate. He was a passing rogue who had stumbled upon the three in a nearby human town. The Alpha although broken-hearted couldn't find it in himself to keep the Luna from her mate so he let the rogue mark her breaking their bond.

Many years later he again mated a she wolf, she unlike the first, had found her mate but had been rejected. Again the Alpha and his new Luna bore a child, and the four were truly happy. The Luna loved the first daughter as if she were her own, and the girl loved the Luna as her mother. A few years passed and again the Luna gave birth to a daughter. This time it was bittersweet as the Luna died during delivery." She pauses closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before continuing

"The Alpha was unable to cope with the loss of his mate, though chosen and not fated their love had grown strong. Strong enough to rival any fated mate bond. The eldest daughter begin to slowly take on more and more Alpha duties, but the Beta, a power hungry, worm of a man tricked her poor father into thinking she was running the pack into the ground and convinced him to relinquish his title and name the Beta as his successor.

The Alpha's daughters were reduced to nothing more then Omegas by order of the Beta were never allowed to see their father, segregated from the pack and generally mistreated. This continued for some time until the eldest girl over heard the Beta's plan for them and decided life as a rogue would be better. That night she packed food, water, and a blanket, and taking her two sisters fled into the night.

The girls soon encountered a small group of rogues, led by none other then the daughter of the old Luna and her mate. After hearing their tale of woe the group welcomed them, vowing to help the girl reclaim her rightful title. To this day the group still fights for her but what chance do they stand when that worm demands help of the surrounding Alphas?"

I stared at her for a minute trying to find any trace of lies but her eyes shown only truth. As crazy as her story sounded it made perfect sense to me; it explained everything. Why the Alpha had been so adamant about destroying all rogues that crossed the border. Why he hated my being there, and why he had submitted to me. He was not the rightful Alpha so I outranked him, it was in his nature to submit rather he wanted to or not.

"Even if this is true, I don't see why I should accept you into my pack. How do I know I can trust you?"

She looked shocked for a minute before her face turn to a impeccable poker face. "You have no reason to nor should you trust me. I came here not for myself but my sisters. If you accept them I will go back and fight along side the others. I won't trouble you or your pack again until the rightful Alpha is reinstated then I'll return to take them back. If that is acceptable with you Alpha."

"I never said I would accept them. Why are you so eager to entrust them to me? You don't know me, how do you know I would take care of them?"

She smiles "I am eager for justice. You're reputation as a kind and generous Alpha is widely known. It's not an everyday occurrence that a rogue Alpha saves the life of a pack Alpha concurs another rogue pack and takes in its members all in on night."

"As flattering it is I still fail to see why you have chosen me."

"You're special, you're different from any Alpha I've met and that's a good thing. Even good Alphas sometimes lack compassion, but you do not. You have a conscience."

"I'm to soft for my own good." Sighing, I rub my hands across my face. "Why not, we have the room."

"Thank you! I promise you, Jenny, you won't regret this!"

"We'll see. In the mean time I'll show you where they'll be staying, come." This could be the worst decision I've made as Alpha so far.


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