Living like Lyrics [Trying not to fall for a guy in 10 days]

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Living like Lyrics 

[Trying not to fall for a guy in 10 days...did I mention he's hot sexy and the school's bad boy]

Hey readers, wattpaders, visitors (whatev), so this is the newest story I've written, It's really just for fun and funny on how my best friend and I thought of it. It will start off with the plot already revealed just to not let you guys bored, but soon the main characters will start developing. I really, really, really hope you like it, please comment, vote or become a fan. Let me know what you think about it, good and bad comments are welcomed. 


...walking through the seashore

while I dance and get you seashells...

...thinking how we got here

got through...

Ami's P.O.V

"I'll go out with you for a week. If you don't fall for me then, I'll lose" he said with a devilish smirk. He thinks that I'll fall for him? Puh-lease.

"You can't fall for a person in 7 days" I said annoyed in my most monotonous voice.

"All right, princess, 10...even if you show a little affection, you lose" he kept closing his distance to my face, so I could taste his breath, trying to make me high.


And that's how this stupid bet became to be; and also why this devilish, psychotic boy is in my bedroom, watching my every move. He laid on my bed looking at me, while I was at my desk trying to friggin' concentrate. Is he serious? Is he going to stay the whole night looking at me? How was I going to get this done by Wednesday?

"Ugh, when are you going to leave" I turned back to look at him, rolling my eyes.

"Whoa, ice princess, chill, I've been tryin' to establish a conversation" he said coolly as if I seriously thought he was interested in whatever I was doing. He got up quickly and stood behind me putting his hands on my shoulders and looking at the piles of papers I had. I snapped out of my daydreaming and hid the pile of papers underneath my arms. "Do we have homework?" he finished, asking in panic. Seriously, this guy, is he stupid or just dense? I took this as an opportunity to make him leave. I nodded.

"Let me see" he said trying to get the papers.

"No! Stop it!" I said while he took some of the papers, I jumped on him, literally, but damn he was tall. He laughed at my failed tries.

The next thing I remembered was us on the floor, his weight above me. I opened my eyes just to find him looking straight at me, at my body. I heated up. I hated when people looked at me for too long, it was embarrassing. His body leaned closer, his lips were almost touching mine. I closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss me. WAIT, WHAT???!!!

"Jake" I said while he put his lower lip on my upper's, opening my mouth, kissing me intensely. He stepped back looking at my bright red face. He got up shook his head, I heard low "shits" and "dammits" beneath his breath. I was still in shock. WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN?

"Look I gotta scram" he said taking his jacket, he turned to look at me still on the floor but now sitting.

"Ami, see you tomorrow?" he said with puppy eyes. I also hated when people did that, especially him. He would change from the most arrogant and selfish guy into an attractive, nice guy. His pleading eyes made me blush, made my heart beat. Oh gosh, no, I can't think like that about this guy.

"Sure, unless you plan to ignore me like you do every single day" I stood up, getting my act together, forgetting about what had happened.

"Riiiiiight??? I'll try to remember that" he said sarcastically closing the door. Finally, ALONE. I looked at the papers crumbled up. If it wasn't for this friggin' job, I wouldn't be in a situation like this. Jeez!!

It was already the third day of the bet and this had already happened. Oh gosh, what had just happened? Were Jake and I making out? This can't be happening and the worst part is we both showed affection and even worse I was really going with the flow. I was thinking of going all the way with him, hell, I wasn't even thinking! What would've happened if we had done it? Me and Jake? Losing my virginity to Jake!!! NO WAY IN HELL!!!

Jake Reid, the most cocky, selfish, player I've met, also the school's bad boy. Even with his friggin' bad attitude his looks totally made-up for it. His tall, composed, with a 6-pack body, his really dark, dark hair and blue, like the sea, eyes. His perfect Orbit white teeth (just not as freaky as the lady in the commercials), shit. Am I seriously up for this bet? I've known that guy for 5 years but why did we have to cross paths now. I seriously need that ticket.

Jake's P.O.V

I jumped on my bed, still thinking of Ami, shit. What have I done? I might had done it with her. What would've happened if she said yes? Well, it's Ami we're talking about. Uptight Amelia Summers, but if she had said yes, I wouldn't have been able to control myself. It's the third day of the bet and I'm already interested in her. Like? Hell no! Even though she's one of the hottest girls in school, 'will never like her, thinking about it makes me think about martyrdom, ugh.

"Jake, when's daddy coming home?" Paula came to my room. She was my life, I lived for her, the only thing I had left.

"Come here" I said while she came to my bed and laid beside me "You know that dad's really busy with work. He won't return 'till next week" I said stroking my fingers through her hair.

Paula is now my responsibility, after mom and Kyle died a year ago and dad forgot he had two children left and started working full time at the company, I'm always taking care of her. I don't want her to feel alone and, likewise, I need her too. She always helps me stay grounded and keep me focused. Ami is an obstacle, a distraction.

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