"I know who you are," I told him. I wanted to refuse him but he was more enticing than I was told. He wasn't the boogeyman. There were no red horns or sharp tail. Just a beautiful tall man with dark hair and bright blue eyes. He was clean cut and caught the attention of every girl in the bar. It didn't matter their race or age. They all wanted him. I know because I felt the same as they did.

He smiled at me and let out a soft laugh. "Well, since there is no need for an introduction, why don't you come back to my place so we can make a deal. My limousine is waiting out front." He extended his hand for me to take. "I saw your show tonight and I know I can make you the biggest star around. They'll all bow to you," he told me with his hand still extended. I look down at it knowing I should follow mommy and daddy's orders. I couldn't.

I placed my hand in his as he helped me out of my seat. "Why should I trust you?" I asked standing face to face with him. I got lost in his sky blue eyes.

"What more do you have to lose?" he replied. "Don't keep me waiting," he whispered in my ear. I allowed him to lead me out the door as all the girls looked on. Inside I felt like the luckiest girl alive. He noticed me and he wanted me. I must've been special.

That night was the night I made the deal. It was the night I gave him my mind, body and soul. It was the best experience of my life. The next morning I got a phone call from the top executive at a major record label in the city. They wanted to meet with me as soon as possible. By 3:00 the next morning my deal was signed and it was evident his power was more than I ever estimated. If one night with him could do all of this, what would a lifetime consist of? Boy, was I a little too curious, because I went back for more every night. That's how I became his favorite. I obeyed his every command. Sorry mommy and daddy but I had a new god now.

It wasn't until now that I feel the effects of what I've done. He stripped away the best parts of me. My integrity, dignity, happiness; it's all gone in the name of fame and fortune; in the name of my dreams. My peace of mind is gone.

I close my eyes and wish for him next to me. That's how you call on him. You don't need a séance or Ouija board. It's not like what the movies portray. You only need your mind and a little faith. He always shows. Sometimes all it takes is a mention of his name.

When I open them, there he is. Standing right behind me. I watch him through the mirror of my vanity. He comes up to me and touches my shoulders gently. It gives me chills. I turn to face him and once more I get lost in his eyes.

"What could it possibly be, my dear?" he asks as he lifts my chin. God, how could you make this man so gorgeous? Why couldn't he look the way they show in Sunday school? That would make resisting him much easier. Instead, he looks like every girl's dream.

"I want out," I answer with tears in my eyes. "I can't do it anymore. I miss who I was." I can't help but break down. I'm losing more than I bargained for. "Please, just give me out."

His facial expression changes to something sinister. He looks as if I just offended him. I feel fear for the first time around him. He's murdered others for the very same thing I'm asking for: freedom. He could kill me and make it look like a suicide. He's a master at that. I know it but it doesn't stop me from asking anyway.

"You don't mean that," he says with a grin. "You love me too much. What would you do without me? I gave you everything. I'm the love of your life...as you are mine."

He doesn't know how to love. That's what I was always taught. He's treated me like he loved me but it was just an illusion. What's love without freedom?

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