Dangerous Love

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Short Story #1: Dangerous Love

Inspired by: "Leave Me Lonely" by Ariana Grande featuring Macy Gray from the album "Dangerous Woman"

I sit at the vanity of my dressing room backstage after playing the biggest show of my career. I stare at the face in the mirror and realize I no longer recognize myself. Here I am, with everything I ever dreamed of; everything I have ever wished for. He's given it all to me yet I'm missing what I used to have; who I used to be.

A while back I made a deal with him. I proposed if he gave me the fame and fortune, the sponsors and endorsements, that I would be his forever. It wasn't a bad deal for me given the fact that I was in love with him for as long as I could remember. Who could resist that face? That power?

What I didn't know was that he would take pieces of me. I mean, I knew but I didn't know it would leave me feeling so empty inside. Almost like I have nothing and everything at the same time. He made good on his promise, as I heard he always does. So many of my peers has made the same deal with him but they seem to be handling it better than I am. Maybe because none of them are actually in love with him. Maybe that was my mistake? Creating a romance with the entity I made a deal with. Yet, how could I not? He's so beautiful; so irresistible.

A few tears fall from my eyes as I wipe the makeup away from my face and let down my hair. I stop as the black mascara continues to stain my cheeks. I can't do this anymore. I can't live like this. There's more to life than the glitz and glam. Nothing in this world could fill the hole he left inside of me. Even though he tells me I'm his favorite, I feel as if I got the worst deal of all. We're all his forever and I was promised to be his right hand lady when it all comes crashing but I'm not so sure I want that title anymore.

In the world of Hollywood, he made me the queen. I'm the "it" girl; the one everyone wants to be. He's my king and everyone on the inside knows it so they won't dare double cross me. When your lover is the god of the city of lost angels, no one tries to come after you. Everyone bows at the mention of your name. The power I hold in indigestible. World leaders even invite me to events and I'm honored at the most high functions in the world. I'm a god on earth. I'm perfection in the eyes of the media; a household name. All thanks to him.

It isn't enough anymore. I want out. I signed a contract; sealed with my blood, closed with my soul. I shook his hand, kissed his lips, and made love to him. I fell for him. He kissed my forehead and told me I was his and promised that I would always be his number one girl, his favorite. He promised to always protect me and no one would ever be able to touch me. Not even the most high. He told me he could give me things that He wouldn't. He told me that the other guy wanted me to do it the hard way, the hurtful way. He promised it would be easy with him. I could have it all if I just laid with him. If I just took his hand. He was beautiful and I was hooked the moment I looked into his eyes.

I was at a bar in New York City. For some reason I was all alone. I just finished playing a show at a small night lounge downtown in Soho. The reviews were great but I was still just another struggling artist trying to catch a break. I was broke and struggling to pay rent for my studio apartment in midtown. That's when he came up to me. As I drank my amaretto, the most gorgeous man approached me. He was dressed to the nines and his aura outshined the city. Everything about him was sharp.

He wouldn't stop staring and for some reason I already knew who he was. No questions asked. I remember growing up and hearing all of the warnings, telling me to stay away from him. If approached by him walk away and pray. Just stay away! That's what mommy and daddy always taught me. That's what pastor always said. They told me my talent was a gift from the other guy and I should use it for Him only. I couldn't listen because that's not where my heart was. I wanted fame. I wanted fortune; attention; I wanted to play sold out shows. I wanted to be Michael, Prince, Madonna...I had to be.

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