"Calm down babe it was nothing we was just dancing what you tripping for''  i was trying to project my voice over the loud music my boyfriend is tripping because i was dancing with another guy like that's what you do you go to the club and you dance with people. I could understand if it was a sexual dance and i was grinding on him but i wasn't. we was on the dance floor. he lean over to me so i could hear him over the loud music he was yelling in my ear and i could smell the alcohol on his breath

''NO CARA I... I....I SEE YOU TRYING TO CHEAT ON THE SLY'' he said as he slurred his words ''calm down your drunk''  

''DONT...TT YOU TELL M..E TO CALM DOWN. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M OUT. I'M HAVING MY NIGGA TIM TAKE ME HOME BYE!!!!'' he walked away from me to go find tim. now i had to get a cab by myself gosh he just so ughhhh sometimes like he always think im cheating or its his anger issues.  I walked over to a table just to think about our relationship. I love him god knows i do but he need to calm down cause i don't know how long we gone last at this rate.


''COME THRU COME THRU GIRL YOU KNOW WE GOT THINGS TO DO '' I sang loudly as i bobbed my head and did my two step i was feeling this song. Cash was recording me but i didn't care i was pretty faded.  i danced some more and drank some more. some ugly hoe tried to holla at me i wasn't to gone to be feeling her. it was getting late so my niggas started leaving around 2:40 all my niggas left it was just me i was going to go in a few but i was really enjoying the scene

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